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The World is a Mirror


Mirror me
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The external world mirrors our internal world. What we tell ourselves ends up becoming a self fulfilling prophecy. Here’s an example…if we have a belief that all dogs are dangerous (perhaps after being bitten once or witnessing someone getting into an altercation with a dog), cognitive/confirmation bias will encourage us to look for events and experiences in the external world that confirm our inner beliefs. We often engage in this behaviour without even realising it, yet it occurs on a daily basis. We watch the news and pay more attention to news stories that interest us and over which we have an opinion. Our inner inclinations shape the external far more than the external world shapes us.

What is the world presenting to you at the moment? Be cognisant of the fact that suppressed emotions and experiences that we have not received closure on can influence the world around us far more than we realise. If the world seems grim and unfriendly, examine your internal dialogue. What thoughts and beliefs are you choosing to believe?

The good news is that we have much more control of our outer worlds than we ever thought. By changing the way we look at the world and being acutely aware of our inner dialogue and attitudes, we can change the external world from within. You cannot alter ‘concrete’ reality – that is the physical matter out there, but you can change the way external events and experiences affect you. I love this idea – it means I am not as passive and powerless than I used to believe.

Think of yourself as an artist with a blank canvas. You may have to paint a house, but you can choose the colours, the surroundings and the emotions attached to the drawing of that house. So it is in life – you are an artist that can ‘colour’ your world in any way you choose. Instead of dark negative thoughts choose happy colours. Thoughts lead to emotions. Emotions lead to behaviour. Cultivate positive thoughts and your world immediately changes.

Always ask yourself “is there another way to look at this problem that will lead me to feel less upset about what is going on?”

It is important to understand the connection between our inner and outer world because it is the inner world that we need to attend to and heal, in order to bring resolution to the outer world. As soon as you own an experience which is being mirrored for you in the outside world, you will know the relief of being more connected to your true self. The world is a mirror.

When you realise that you are only surrounded by angry or untrustworthy people because you hold that quality hidden within yourself, then you become empowered to deal with it consciously. When you do this, the need to project such qualities diminishes. And remember that you when you see qualities you like in the outer world, these too are mirrored by wonderful you.

Mandy X

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