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The Top Per Diem RN Jobs in Mississippi

Per diem RN jobs are in demand nowadays. They are perfect for filling shifts that are suddenly left hanging. Since per diem nurses can immediately be deployed anytime, medical facilities don’t need to stress on how to cover the shortage of staff in their facility. Nurses are getting interested in working as per diem nurses because of several reasons. Here are the top per diem RN jobs in Mississippi and how to find the best per diem nursing jobs in Mississippi.

What is a Per Diem Nursing Shift?

From the word per diem which means per day. Per diem nurses usually only perks for a day or a few hours of a shift. The main purpose of per diem nurses is to act as replacements for nurses who were not able to come work for their shift due to emergency or personal reasons. Getting per diem nurses to cover shifts for these nurses has become the best remedy for this kind of situation.

Do Per Diem Nurses Get Retirement?

Per diem nurses are not considered full-time employees so they will not be able to have a retirement fee like regular nurses get. However, with the benefits they can get they can earn for their retirement and maybe even more.

Is Per Diem Better Than Full Time?

Per diem have higher hourly rates than regular nursing jobs. Comparison on which one is better depends on several factors such as how many shifts a per diem nurse gets in a week or a year maybe. Working with the right nursing agency can be a good factor since they can give more assignments plus benefits. If that is the case then per diem jobs can equal or even exceed full-time nurse earnings.

How is Per Diem Salary Calculated?

Per diem jobs, salaries are computed per hour. It Depends on the location, specialization, and other factors. In Mississippi, the average hourly rate is $30.60 per hour.

What are the Top Per Diem RN Jobs in Mississippi?

ICU Per Diem Nurse

In intensive care units, nurses who are assigned here should be skilled enough to meet the demands of the patients they are assigned to. Most shifts for nurses assigned in ICU would be a 12-hour day or night shift. Since patients here need 24/7 close monitoring to make sure their vitals are monitored and the care they need is given. Setting up equipment, evaluating lab works, and maintaining patients’ records are also part of their responsibility. That’s why they have to be skilled to handle all these duties in each shift.

Medical-Surgical Per Diem Nurse

Medical-surgical nurses are responsible for taking care of patients preparing for surgery as well as patients who just finished surgery. It is also part of their job to administer medication, use equipment to make patients’ condition better such as feeding them with feeding cubes, running blood tests, and updating records of patients.

Operating Per Diem Nurse

Operating per diem nurses are assigned to assist patients and physicians on pre-operative, intraoperative, and postoperative. They are in preparing patients before operation including sterilization of equipment and setting up the operating room. During the operation, they are to hand medical equipment to the surgeons and after the operation, they have to assist the patients on their post-operative procedures as well as communicate with family members.

Emergency Per Diem Nurse

In this area, nurses have to be alert and be able to handle situations that are intense since all patients who come here need immediate action and most of them are under life-threatening situations. Emergency areas are one of the busiest areas of medical facilities and nurses here work long-hour shifts, usually 12-hours shifts.

Telemetry Per Diem Nurse

Telemetry per diem nurse usually looks after patients with heart conditions. These patients need close monitoring of their vital signs, especially their heart rates. Cardiac devices are used to monitor the heart that’s why special skills are needed.


Here are just 5 of the top per diem RN jobs in Mississippi and there are more. They are paid higher since it requires skills and critical thinking to handle the duties and responsibilities needed to be done during their shift. So if you want to earn more go for these per diem nursing jobs.

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