Mandy Kloppers

The Three Most Affordable Methods Of Couples Therapy

When couples seek out therapy it’s usually because they’ve encountered a bump on the road. Normally dealing with communication, intimacy, vulnerability, or transitional periods on behalf of one partner – such as job termination, infidelity, or grief. Based on various success stories, we know how effective couples therapy can be. Unfortunately, couples therapy is not exactly the most affordable form of counseling. The average one-hour session ranges from $150-300, usually after insurance. The cost of each of these sessions can seriously affect some couples. Luckily, we live in an age where we have access to some of the most affordable versions of couples therapy that really work.


If you and your partner have been wanting to look into couples counseling, but the price tag has kept you from doing so, here are three successful alternatives.


Online Therapy

One of the most popular methods of affordable counseling is online-based therapy. Its cost is similar to face-to-face therapy, but patients have the option to take on reduced rates or work with a dating coach (instead of a psychologist). Yet, this is not recommended for couples who are dealing with more serious issues, such as mental illness or trauma. Still, this form of counseling is useful for couples wanting to address their issues happening in the ‘here and now.’


Sliding Scale Therapy

Sliding scale therapy is perfect for those who are trying couples counseling for the first time. This form of therapy is low-cost because the people who offer it are in the process of completing their licensing requirements – which can be less than an ideal factor for some. But, they are closely monitored by highly specialized therapists to offer the best services possible. Sliding scale therapy is also quite flexible since it offers both face-to-face and telehealth appointments.


Counseling Apps

One of the most wonderful tech-advances of the decade is the creation of mobile, counseling apps. A great example of these is Relish, a carefully-curated dating coach app that is available to its users 24/7. Compared to the average cost of face-to-face therapy (ranging from $1800-3000 per year), Relish offers a $100 yearly subscription, on top of a 7-day free trial. The app also offers personalized, self-guided lessons and quizzes to help couples kick their intimacy, communication, and self-confidence up a notch.


However, you choose to approach it, if you and your partner want affordable counseling, chances are you will find it. All of these options are a Google search away, and the best part of them all is that none of them will weigh heavily on your wallet.