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The Therapy Couch





The Therapy Couch

I talk a lot about my clients in my blog posts so I thought it would be a good idea to show you where my clients come and relax. I am an unusual counsellor as I always offer my clients a drink before we start the session.  Tea, coffee or water just in case you were wondering. No alcohol available 😉

Clients talk about everything with me from family/relationship troubles to seeking clarity on their thinking about certain situations. When we are too emotionally involved in something we sometimes lose clarity and irrational thought takes over. The emotional brain is extremely powerful and can overwhelm the thinking/rational brain easily.

The view from the couch:

therapy room view


One of my favourite quotes above the window:

happiness is an inside job


It makes sense to offer a less clinical environment for someone who is about to open up to a stranger about their innermost fears and personal troubles. Professional boundaries are still adhered to, but being personable and creating rapport are an essential part of the package I offer.

Mandy X