Mandy Kloppers

The simplest ways to boost your mood

Sometime we all get bogged down by chores in life and we end up focusing on grocery shopping, making it to the hairdresser on time and wondering why someone we care about seems to be ignoring us. We get sucked into the worries of life and can feel like we are drowning in problems.

One unusual ways to feel happier is to experience something bigger than yourself. An instant focus on something that puts everything in perspective is good for your mood.

Experiencing awe

Focusing on the stars in the night sky is one example of awe. That sensational feeling of focusing on things other than your day to day life can have a hugely positive effect. Perspective on greater things shifts our focus from micro experiences (smaller issues in life) to macro experiences.

People who’ve recently had an awe-inspiring experience are also more likely to say they feel more curious about the world around them and to act more generously and with kindness towards others.

As part of a recent two-part study at the University of California, Berkeley, students filled out a questionnaire describing their feelings over the past month and submitted samples of their saliva to test for a substance linked with stress in the body. The students who said they’d recently experienced feelings of awe were more likely than students who hadn’t to have lower levels of the stress-linked substance (called interleukin-6) in their spit.

Spend time in nature

Getting away from it all is important in that it helps us to reset. We all accumulate stress as we go through life and the best way to reduce that stress is to get away from it all – a bush drive or safari is a great way to do this. Spend time in nature where it’s quiet and you can re-assess ans get back to the real you. The demands from others often pulls us off track and away from what we truly want. Time out, spent in awe of our surroundings reminds us of our priorities and of what’s important in life.

Spending time focusing on things other tha yourself can also help you feel as if time is slowing down. Being inquisitive about the world around us is a wonderful way to feel more content. Immerse yourself in your surroundings and get out of your head. Don’t allow your thoughts to drag you down. Be mindful and in the present moment when experiencing awe in the world around you. Really – I do it and it works every time.

Mandy X

Photo by Ryan Hutton on Unsplash