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Mandy Kloppers

The Root of all Evil



It’s funny you know, not “funny haha” but funny in a peculiar manner just how lost society seems. We’re all searching for something, that elusive feeling of contentment and inner peace.How do we get there though? It seems very few people know. We believe we have the answer and that is why so many of us chase the wrong things. We work ourselves to a standstill to try find that sense of security that money brings. Capitalism, in my view is the root of all evil. It side tracks us from what is truly important in life and we end up on a meaningless treadmill of work, being busy and acquiring more things. In our pursuit of possessions we hope to find happiness.

Advertisers are adept at making us believe we need their product. If you want to be someone, buy this iphone. If you want to be a good mother make sure you use this washing powder. It’s never ending and our need to fit in and be accepted means that we tend to buy into these messages. The thing is, once you have the car that is supposed to make you feel that you have finally arrived as a successful business person or you have the five star holiday, you find that there is someone who has a car that is better or you discover friends went on a holiday that was far more luxurious than yours was. When does it end?

We tell ourselves that there is an end in sight but the truth us that unless you make an active decision to stop chasing the superficial stuff, you will probably keep on running in that same old maze until you are too old to run anymore. Depressed?

The gap between the “haves” and the “have nots” is growing and with that, invariably comes a growing sense of detachment and disillusionment amongst the  many people who need to work to cover the expenses and live. Life can seem to be one never ending struggle to make ends meet. Competition for university places and career places is increasing and this is leading to a disenchanted youth that feels lost and directionless.

When Governments talk about placing higher taxes on alcohol and fatty food to lower the strain these bad habits place upon the health care system, they fail to dig a little deeper. Punish those who look for ways to escape! Their approach should be: WHY are people drinking so much alcohol? WHY is society so restless and looking for quick happiness fixes?

Only when the underlying reasons are tackled will the symptoms decrease. As it is, mental health funding is not a priority. This is so short sighted and seems glaringly obvious. When society has ways to protect their mental health, be resilient and adopt healthy coping strategies, there will be less fall out and less bad habits emerging.

The root of all evil is the misguided yearning for more possessions, more money and extravagance at the expense of valuing time and living things. It is taking society ‘off course’ and this is leading to misery, restlessness and an increase in addictive behaviours to try cope with the mundanity of life.

What you can do:

Stop working so hard. Research has shown that an average salary that covers basic living needs and a bit extra is really all that is needed. happiness levels do not increase over a certain amount. In the UK, an average salary of £45000 per annum is perfectly sufficient and research has shown that people who earn more than this are not happier as many people commonly think.

Stop making it all about you. Selfishness does not contribute to happiness. Be altruistic, do something for others.

Be mindful, take your time and savour quiet moments. If you find that you tend to want to book up every spare moment with an activity, ask yourself why? Is there a reason for this? Some people are too frightened to be alone with their thoughts when this is EXACTLY what they need to be doing.

Remember: People in retirement homes do not display their degree certificates, homes or cars. They show photos of family, friends and pets. That’s what it all boils down to at the end of the day. Make time for those close to you. That’s where true satisfaction lies.


Mandy X

Photo by Muffet

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