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The Right Attitude to Live By


The way you approach life determines the quality of your life. If you have the right attitude you can open up all sorts of possibilities for yourself. Keep the wrong attitude and you will be affected negatively. So are there ways to think about the world that can cheer up our lives and our prospects? The answer, happily, is YES.

1) Look for the good in others

There is a term in psychology known as “cognitive bias”. When we believe something to be true, we tend to look for evidence to confirm our beliefs. When we find evidence this reinforces our original belief. The trouble comes when we dismiss evidence that contradicts our irrational beliefs. If we believe that the number 13 (a hypothetical example) is bad luck, we will be acutely aware of anything that confirms this belief. Positive occurrences that contradict this belief will be ignored or downplayed.

2) Expect positive things to happen to you, and in your life

When you expect positive things to happen, your ‘cognitive bias’ is set to positive and you tune in more to those things that brighten your day.

3) Wake up every morning and say to yourself “something amazing is going to happen today”

Start the day with a positive thought and choose to try have the best day possible. This may not always be possible but just reminding yourself that you can choose to think a certain way can be empowering.

4) Look for the good in you

Regularly remind yourself of how wonderful and unique you are. We are all meant to be here and we all have an impact in some way whilst we are here. Many clients resist the idea of self love which I find intriguing. I watch them smirk and squirm when I ask them to kiss themselves in the mirror and say positive affirmations to themselves, such as “you are great”. Why do we resist liking and accepting ourselves so much? I think that is one thing we owe to ourselves.

5) Adopt an attitude of gratitude

Focus on what is good in your life – the people, the experiences and you. Be appreciative of the small things. The capitalistic society we live in encourages us to seek more. When we have it we want even more. I think it’s time to stop this mentality and be appreciative of what we already have. What we are and what we have now is enough.

6) Accept that life is uncertain and that there are no guarantees for anyone

Trying to change the laws of nature and push against what we cannot control is futile and a waste of precious energy. Instead, work with nature and what we have. When we accept, our mindset sees possibilities with what exists. When we resist, our minds reject what exists and nothing productive is achieved.

7) Believe that there is enough success, money and love for everyone

Don’t feel threatened by someone else’s success. Instead, use it to inspire you.

8) Be kind and generous

Not only are you helping someone else but you become greater than just your physical self when you pass on positive energy to others. Helping others leaves a positive mark on the world. Imagine if every one of us made sure we did something kind and generous at least once a day for someone else. I would love to see that ripple effect!

9) Stick up for those that need it

There will always be those that are weaker than you – animals, children, the elderly and so forth. Help those in need by facilitating freedom and independence. Protect those that cannot protect themselves.

10) See the funny side of life

Above all, don’t take life too seriously. Always ask yourself whether the latest thing to get you in a spin will mater nearly as much in one week or two weeks from now. In all likelihood, it won’t. Have a laugh and do it often. Laughter and a sense of humour have enormous power in a world where there are far too many serious conversations going on. Of course, some of these conversations need to be had – especially when it comes to war, famine, conflict and poverty..but humour can be a fantastic coping mechanism even in the darkest of situations.

Life will affect you in the way you allow it to. By way of your thinking and those events that you choose to dwell on or take seriously – the thoughts that fill your head are the ones that will decide your mood and your attitude.

It makes sense to choose thoughts that allow you a great attitude, good perspective on life and a positive mental outlook – I say do what works.

Mandy X

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