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The Retreat in Kent

The Retreat in Kent is a wonderful place. I was there this weekend and had a great time. I was met by a friendly guy called Billy. He showed us around and we drank champagne whilst watching the geese and ducks. We had a little seating area that was separate from the rest of The Retreat and it was lovely and peaceful.

We were also taken on a private tour around The Retreat in Kent. We were able to get up close and personal with some very cute goats (and very well behaved) and also had a cuddle with a few horses. There were more than 1000 animals at The Retreat. All the animals have been rescued – some even from slaughterhouses. Billy told me a story about a young lady who had to go back to University and couldn’t be bothered to rehome her horse. She dropped it off at the local slaughterhouse – charming!

A worker at the slaughterhouse called The Retreat and the horse was saved. Some people really shouldn’t be allowed to own animals! They aren’t objects – they are living sentient beings.

We enjoyed lunch at the vegan cafe and the food was really good. While we ate our lunch, chickens strolled freely around our table. On a wall nearby, there were signs with the words: “I am your friend, not your food”.

The Retreat

I also liked the way The Retreat educates visitors by placing information around the site about veganism and also highlighting cruelty to animals. There were many pigs at the site, rolling in mud and looking rather grubby but they seemed very happy!

On their website, it states:

“The Retreat was born in 1989 out of frustration at the way the human race treats animals. A rescue centre which would save tormented, abused, sick, injured and unwanted animals from certain death was therefore founded.

Some of our residents include: ex-race horses, ex-riding school ponies, injured live export sheep, cows saved from slaughter, ex-petting farm goats, injured birds, ferrets, Christmas turkeys, worn-out battery hens, disabled non-releasable wildlife, fish, small domestics, old or feral and FIV cats, and dogs who have failed behaviour tests in other dog homes. The Retreat operates a genuine no-kill policy.”

The highlight of the day was bottle-feeding Sylvia. She was called over for her daily feed and she galloped over. She clearly loved every mouthful.

If you want a day out where you can be around animals, educate your children or just get away from it all for a day, The Retreat is for you. They even offer accommodation should you wish to stay over.





Their website for more info: THE RETREAT

You can also donate to this very worthy cause: DONATE


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