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Mandy Kloppers

The Psychology of Personal Growth Through Adversity

The Power of Suffering: Growing through life crises

Every cloud has a silver lining, there’s light at the end of the tunnel, it’s always darkest before the dawn, are all part of our everyday vocabulary and sayings often drawn on to help people through times of personal adversity, though of little comfort at the time. Psychologist, David Roland has studied eleven individual real-life stories of love and loss, tragedy and despair, and looked at how people can develop and growth from even the most tragic circumstances. Part of growing and developing at work involves creating and nurturing an executive presence. You will uncover why executive presence works and how to get it.

The Power of Suffering is psychologist David Roland’s personal investigation into the nature of human suffering. When our world is turned upside-down, what does it do to us, how do we survive it, and most importantly, how can we grow as a result? David takes the lived experience of 11 incredible people and follows them along each step of their journey from crisis through to acceptance and triumph. Within each story, David draws on his own experience of life-altering trauma and clinical research to offer insights we all can gain from.

Each life story examined is a moving testimony of the human spirit’s ability to rise and rise again – an executive tragically loses his family in a car crash and finds healing in the rehabilitation of wildlife, a teenage victim of domestic violence becomes a fierce advocate for abused women and brain-injured youth, a football superstar overcomes bigotry and dyslexia to forge a career in acting, a mother experiences the aching depth of love lost after her teenage child’s life is tragically cut short. These are but a few of the intimately told stories, all pointing to a path through the storm and beyond.

The Power of Suffering is a revelatory account of how the darkest night can lead to the most profound dawn.

Published by Simon & Shuster, the book is available in paperback, audio, and eBook.

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