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The mental health benefits of exercise

Did you know that about 450 million people around the planet suffer from different mental conditions? Most of these illnesses are a result of drug addiction. Treating drug addiction is not hard these days as many professional Clean Recovery Centers provide great platforms that make the practice a lot easier.

Apart from avoiding drugs, exercising is one of the effective methods of maintaining proper mental health. Doing exercises has several benefits that help you have better mental health. Some of these benefits include:

1. Helps in Reducing Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are normal. However, they can affect your daily life if they are very intense. One effective way that you can use to reduce depression and anxiety is exercising. Exercising for around 45 minutes a day helps in lowering anxiety levels and depression significantly.

Exercising more often can help you to reduce depression symptoms more effectively compared to other medications. It allows the body to produce feel-good endorphins, which are brain

chemicals that make you feel less stressed or worried. Also, exercising helps you to focus on more fun and positive things, thus enabling you to reduce anxiety and depression easily.

2. Good for Relieving Stress



Exercise strengthens your body and enables it to deal with stress more effectively. It does this by forcing the physiological system to communicate better. That way, you become stronger, thus enabling your body to manage and respond to stress more accurately.

Working out helps you relieve stress by lowering the levels of some hormones like cortisol and adrenaline that significantly affect how you feel. Exercising also enables the body to produce more endorphins, which are the brain chemicals that control moods. Therefore, exercising will help you to be always in a good mood hence less stressed.

3. Prevents Cognitive Decline

As you grow older, the brain becomes slower, less sharp, and even more vulnerable to some conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease. This degenerative disease kills some crucial brain cells, hence tampering with the normal functioning of your brain.

A recent study focusing on the elderly shows that exercising helps to improve cognition and prevent its decline significantly. This study, however, highlights that the benefits and effects you get from exercising might vary depending on how much you work out.

4. Helps in Treating PTSD



Being involved in situations like natural calamities and wars can cause PTSD after the occurrence and even in the future. PTSD can affect your life a lot since it causes nightmares and bad memories, which might even make performing daily tasks impossible. Many medications help in treating PTSD. However, some of them can cause side effects, which makes exercising a preferred option.

Exercising regularly helps the body to be more active and hence making the nervous system work more (something that does not frequently happen when you have PTSD). By making the nervous system more active, you get the chance to focus the body more on everything you do. Doing that takes the mind off the past traumatic events that might be bothering you hence making it easier to handle your PTSD. So, doing exercises such as running, dancing, and weight training a few times a week will help you reduce some of your PTSD symptoms easily.

6. Boosts Self-Confidence

One major confidence killer that affects most people is physical appearance. Having low self-esteem is dangerous to your mental health, as it always makes you think negatively of yourself. Doing so can affect your mental health since you rarely have some peace of mind.

Hitting the gym often can help you to regain confidence. This is because by setting goals in the gym, you come up with a strategy and start working towards them. Doing that consistently helps to meet all your physique goals, which can boost your confidence significantly due to the high sense of accomplishment.

7. Boosts the Brainpower

One thing that characterizes a healthy brain is its brainpower. Having excellent brainpower allows you to make decisions faster and also think critically. As you get older, your mind might perform these functions less effectively, especially if you have been living a sedentary lifestyle.

Exercising helps you to produce more BDNF, a protein that allows the brain to perform several functions such as decision making and learning more effectively. So the more you exercise, the more intelligent you become.

8. Allows You to Have More Quality Sleep

quality sleep


Having enough sleep is crucial to the normal functioning of your brain. Not getting enough sleep can result in poor memory, stress, and less alertness, all of which can tamper with your mental health.

Working out minimizes symptoms of insomnia, improves mood, and reduces the amount of time you need to sleep. Therefore, if you exercise more, then you will sleep easily since you will be feeling refreshed and relaxed most of the time.


Although many people overlook their mental health, it is very critical as it dictates the quality of your life. In this article, are the significant mental health benefits that you can get from exercising. Therefore, start exercising to stay healthy and ensure that your body is in perfect condition.

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