Emotional Wellbeing

Mandy Kloppers

The little things

Do you ever wonder if you overcomplicate your life? I know I do. I catastrophise and imagine what others are thinking and worry about worst case scenarios…it all adds up to a chaotic mind. A chaotic mind that forgets about the little things and leads to a chaotic stressful life. A life where I spend time trying to avoid imagined harm that may come to me.

The truth is, life doesn’t have to be complicated. When we focus on the little things we can feel far more fulfilled than we get caught up in the messiness of the world. By the little things, I mean – a kiss or a hug with someone or sharing a laugh with someone, amongst others.

A cup of tea, a fresh morning with the sun shining…the more we notice the little things the more mindful we become and if you want to be less stressed and live a more simple life, mindfulness is where it’s at.

In a world where we are being forced into being aware of information around us 24/7, it’s a vital skill to learn in order to counteract the crazy busy information stream constantly beckoning us to pay attention. It pays to tune out now and then and go back to basics – to spending time with people, face to face.

Examples of the little things:

Spending time with people – family and friends

Playing with animals/pets

Spending time in nature, being aware of your surroundings

Travelling and finding out about the world

Giving back, volunteering, kindness


When your busy mind gets the better of you, remember the little things. Reset and focus on simple pleasures in life.

Mandy X