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The “Life Rules” Book



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The “Life Rules” Book

The Life Rules book is a great way to challenge thinking and find new ways to look at the world that suit you better.

Many of us live life according to rules. Many of these rules were not made by us, do not assist us or help us in any way and can sometimes really limit our true potential.

When you catch yourself saying or thinking, “I should” or “I must” or “that is just how it is”, ask yourself whether this is in fact true. Ask yourself – “Where is the Life Rules book stating that I must…?”

  • always cook dinner for my partner at 7pm each night.
  • stay on a strict diet and exercise for an hour each day.
  • always keep up appearances and show a perfect life.
  • always be busy and productive.
  • look gorgeous and amazing at all times.
  • say “yes” to others in order to be liked.

The above are just a few examples of the rules we put upon ourselves that don’t have to be there. We are free to create and to change any rules in our life ( as long as we aren’t doing anything illegal!).

Change the rules, mix it up and question the ones that are in place – do they work for you? Do they help you to feel good about yourself and get the best out of you? Another trick is to replace words such as “should” and “must” with “could”. You might prefer to diet and exercise every day but never let that become such a rigid rule whereby, if you don’t stick to it, self loathing begins. Ensure rules are not counter productive. Preserve and protect your self esteem and confidence at all times by making up your own set of rules that work for you.

Mandy X