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The Importance of good mental health



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The Importance of good mental health

I just don’t get, I really don’t. It seems that society places physical health as a priority, but when it comes to the brain’s health this is somehow seen as different. The brain is still an organ of the body but due to it’s elusive nature and the subjectivity of it’s power (how we think differently from one another) it is treated differently.

When we are mentally healthy, we cope better with stress and we are more resilient. We take less sick days at work and therefore contribute to the economy more efficiently. Our relationships with others work better, we are more successful and we get more out of life. Despite this, tangible health issues still get the most attention.

Mental health issues such as anxiety and depression are on the rise. Judging from the numerous people seeking counselling and psychological assistance alone, shows a disturbing picture of how many people feel they are barely clinging to their sanity. Lack of Government funding leaves many vulnerable people who self soothe by drinking too much or taking drugs to cope. Good mental health is the foundation of a society that functions well.

Mental health issues lead to physical ailments just as much as physical ailments lead to psychological issues. Stress can lead to eczema, headaches and digestive issues such as IBS.

We need to treat people holistically with NO division between physical and mental health. They are interconnected and influence each other. Just because we can’t always see and define mental anguish doesn’t mean it should receive any less attention. In my opinion it should possible even receive more. More attention to good mental health would automatically lead to better physical health.

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