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The Impact Of Nutrition On Hair Loss For Women

Hair loss may mostly be associated with male balding and even though it is often viewed as a sign of aging, countless women suffer from the issue. While several anti-aging products and tricks promise to prevent hair loss and provide fuller healthier looking hair for both men and women, nutritional intake could be the root cause of hair loss and gradually thinning hair. However, as there are several impacting factors, women suffering from declining self-confidence as a result of hair loss should consider possible hereditary conditions that may be the underlying cause. While scalp micropigmentation for women can greatly improve the physical appearance of thinning hair, adapting to a healthy balanced diet is highly recommended by nutritionists around the world. 


Nourishing Hair Growth Through Diet 

As with most bodily systems and functions, nutrition is crucial for growth. Therefore, upping your nutritional intake through a balanced diet will essentially nourish hair follicles and encourage growth. As hair loss is most often caused by vitamin deficiencies, it would be wise to determine whether or not you are suffering from an iron deficiency. Iron deficiencies may prevent your body from effectively storing iron which will ultimately prevent hair growth and optimal health. Opting for a balanced diet and iron supplements may be enough to mend the issue. In addition to this, a lack of vitamin A in your diet will also negatively affect the growth and health of your locks. Including foods rich in this vitamin, such as oily fish and apples, is recommended.  


Hair Growth Supplements 

Considering vitamin deficiencies and poor diet is behind your thinning hair, certain quality hair supplements or appropriate vitamin supplements are an option. Hair growth supplements are usually formulated with several vitamins in precise dosages, such as vitamin A, iron, B-group vitamins, and folic acid. However, these supplements have been a topic of debate for several years as some have reaped rewarding results while others have experienced adverse effects, such as increased body hair growth. Unfortunately, there are also consumers who have experienced absolutely no results, which is why hair growth supplement results are somewhat uncertain. As previously mentioned, it is recommended to consider hereditary or genetic conditions that may be the underlying cause of your hair loss in the event that your nutritional intake is not the culprit.  


Benefits Of A Healthy Lifestyle 

While opting for scalp micropigmentation would be the most appropriate solution for women suffering from ongoing hair loss, it would still be wise to adapt to a healthy lifestyle. Following a balanced diet and exercising regularly will effectively boost your general overall health. Improved sleep quality and boosted mental functions are among the many benefits of opting for a healthy lifestyle. In addition to this, an improved overall state of health means you will also be able to take advantage of an increased sense of well-being. Therefore, eating healthy foods and keeping active will be beneficial for every aspect of your life. Because hair loss is often linked with poor diet and lack of exercise, it is recommended to adjust your nutritional intake to boost the health of your hair even if genetic issues are behind the problem. 

Mandy X

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash