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Mandy Kloppers

The Impact of Flowers on Mental Health

Increasing urbanisation and the pressures of modern, tech-oriented lives have removed us far away from nature. Lack of greenery in the environment is not only leading to global warming but also taking a toll on our mental and physical wellbeing.


But, a pretty flower never fails to drive away the blues and raise a smile on your face. Sweet selling flowers lessen anxiety, fresh flowers inspire to create. A bunch of colourful blooms help heal. Yes, flowers, wild or exotic, impact us with their vibrancy, uplifting moods, improving memory, encouraging community feeling, enhancing productivity, and in general, elevating positive mood.


Numerous researches and scientific experiments have been undertaken to understand how flowers impact us psychologically. And several of them have conclusively established that flowers indeed cheer us up with their simple elegance.


  1. They cheer you up


No other gift can bring forth a smile as instantly as flowers. A study conducted by Rutgers University revealed that gifting flowers can elicit a true smile, evoke positive emotions even after three days of receiving the flowers, and encourage conducive social behaviour in men.


  1. They boost memory


There is something very soothing about touching and arranging flowers. Just plucking a couple of rose stem from the garden and arranging them in a vase will instantly calm you. A study undertaken with individuals suffering from neurocognitive disorders threw up the fact that by arranging flowers, the participants could feel a boost in their visuospatial memory.


  1. They help to focus


The colour green has a calming effect on your nerves and helps you focus. Colourful flowers induce positivity. Heightened focus and increased positivity enhance performance. The presence of indoor plants reduces pain perception, balances emotional state, level up creativity, and enhances task performance. It has also been found that activities undertaken in natural outdoor settings reduced ADHD symptoms in children significantly.


  1. They kill negative emotions


Flowers makes us happy. But what if you don’t have immediate access to fresh flowers? Worry not. Just Google search images of flowers and feel the sadness in your heart take a backseat. That’s right! Even the viewing of a flower image can suppress negative emotions in your mind, and regulate your blood pressure and cortisol levels for a healthier and happier you.


  1. They bust stress

Stress has become a part of our lives. However, experiments prove that gardening reduces the stress level in humans. So grab the gardening toolset and a sack of seeds to work your nimble fingers in your backyard. Raise some flowers and foliage and witness the stress in life disappear.


No space to raise a garden? According to research by the University of North Florida, even living with flowers around you reduce stress significantly.


So take a break, and look at flowers sitting pretty at your desk. Or, take a stroll in your blooming backyard. Liven up with the essence of flowers. And while you are at it, spread some cheer to your loved ones with a lovely flower bouquet from Shique Floral Design.

Photo by Ruslan Zh on Unsplash