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Mandy Kloppers

The fork in the road

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The fork in the road

Hmmmmn, the proverbial fork in the road. Making big life decisions is something we all have to face, Some of us seem to do a lot better than others though when it comes to being decisive. So how do you deal with a fork in the road? Do you revel in the choice and possibilities or do you cower when confronted with big decisions?

Perfectionists can be life’s worst procrastinators when it comes to decision making. They are so afraid of regret and making the wrong decision that their passivity ends up as an indirect decision making process.

On way to help you figure out what you want to do is to imagine someone took the decision out of your hands and chose for you.

Imagine that you had to make a choice – to stay or leave a relationship. Now imagine that someone has forced the decision upon you and has told you that you have to stay.

Analyse your gut feeling. DO you feel dread or elation? Usually, our inner wisdom is always nudging and guiding us. This inner feeling will be your inner wisdom trying to help you along =-don’t ignore it.

Often, the right decision is something we can access but we may not always want to listen for whatever reason – fear and pride are two effective antidotes to inner wisdom.

Don’t be afraid to make big decisions and definitely don’t avoid them. The more you avoid making decisions the harder it becomes to make any type of decisions. Start small if you have to (a sandwich or a baled potato for lunch?) but keep making decisions…even wrong decisions aren’t nearly as bad as we tell ourselves they will be.

Mandy X