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The cost of being a victim

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The cost of being a victim

Being a victim causes more problems than it solves. Many people see themselves as powerless and passive in their situations. They are victims of their circumstances and this allows them to blame everything and everyone around them.

Examples: Some people blame their parents for their problems. They refuse to take responsibility for their position in life as they say their lives have turned out badly due to their past experiences. The problem with this attitude is that we blame others and don’t take personal responsibility for ourselves.

We are all personally responsible for our attitudes and if we decide to be a vicitm, that is a choice we make. Awful things happen to individuals yet how we choose to think about what has happened and how we react is up to us.

We can give in and see ourselves as powerless or we can decide to not let our past experiences ruin the rest of our lives. Take action, you have this choice. At times it is easier to be a victim because then we don’t have to deal with the fact that we are also responsible for where we are in life. Taking responsibility means no excuses, it means mastering fear and going after what you want.

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