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The best way to attract a woman

There are two things that a man can do that radically increase his chance of attracting a woman. I have done a lot of research on the best way to attract a woman and have found that there are two key behavioural characteristics that women love in a man. There is a third element that helps to sustain the connection but these two initial characteristics really do help when it comes to love and the dating game.


One thing that a woman really likes is a man who has confidence. A man who seems happy in himself and doesn’t have any hang-ups is very attractive. Being confident means that a man can be decisive, can stand up for himself and acts with assertiveness. It’s a very appealing quality to a woman and it has its beginnings in evolution. A woman wanted to feel protected by her man as this ensured that their offspring would be genetically superior and more likely to survive.

A man who doesn’t speak up and is meek and mild is often a turn off to women. A woman likes a man who can take charge of a situation (this is NOT the same as controlling behaviour) and who can be strong when required.


A man who shows enthusiasm is highly desirable. I remember going on a date with a man a few years ago. After our date I was undecided. He called me the next day and said “At the risk of seeming too keen, can I see you again tonight?”. I loved that – he showed enthusiasm and I was flattered. Of course, enthusiasm can only work if a woman feels that initial attraction but many women like enthusiasm. Be careful though as there is a difference betweem showing enthusiasm and being clingy and needy. Needy men are a complete turn off!

Men often don’t want to appear too keen and there is something to be said about that but more often than not, a guy who is straightforward will do far better than a man who plays games and doesn’t give away much when it comes to their feelings. Let a woman know that you like her and want to see her. You don’t have to declare undying love but it helps when she feels desired.

Another key requirement that many men overlook is empathy…


Women tend to overthink and be more emotional than men. A man who can put himself in the ‘shoes’ of another will fare far better in a relationship than a man who lacks emotional intelligence.

A meeting of minds is incrediby sexy and can increase sexual desire in a woman. A woman needs to be seduced psychologically before she can be seduced physically. Make love to her mind and you’re half way there!

The above the characteristics will definitely increase a man’s chances when dating. Confidence, enthusiasm and empathy are a great combination that will peak a woman’s interest in you and hopefully have her eating out of your hand.

Mandy X




Photo by Vince Fleming on Unsplash

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