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Mandy Kloppers

The best TikTok videos on the internet

It’s widely known that a sense of humour can reduce the impact of stress, anxiety and depression. Laughing is a great way to maintain mental health. When you don’t sweat the small stuff, your quality of life is so much better.

I recently decided to familiarise myself with Tiktok. When Tiktok first emerged, I ignored it as I thought it was only for teenagers. Due to the fact that I have had more spare time during lockdown, I thought I would take a look at Tiktok videos.

I was pleasantly surprised and have found it quite addictive! You can create templates that add stubble on your face, create fake views out of your windows, and all sorts of other special effects. There are also clever apps that you can download to give you extra special effects. One of my favorites is Reface.


Reface: Face swap videos and memes with your photo

Reface places your face on a character in a movie. It’s a fun way to escape from reality for a short while. In fact, watching videos on Tiktok ‘resets’ me and reduces anxiety.

The best Tiktok videos

I have put together a list of my favorite TikTok videos. They make me laugh and I enjoy a little time out in my day for a good giggle!


This Tiktokker is hilarious. Everyday situations are superimposed with cartoon drawings and voiceovers resulting in some truly comical situations. For example, one of the videos shows a seagull talking on a mobile phone to his seagull friend who is late. The videos are unique and a good giggle.


Here is another really funny Tiktokker. She comes across as quite a posh British woman but she is really wacky and funny. She takes on dares (like running the same way as Phoebe in Friends) and she does these hilarious, odd dances in her living room. She is unconventional in a world that requires everyone to behave and to be, frankly, in my opinion quite boring and bland.


I love this TiKTokker. He is original and is completely fine with making fun of himself. I love his videos and find him very refreshing and a cool genuine person as well. He comes across as a really good guy (and he is rather dishy too!).



Russell Kane is one of my favourite British comedians. I first came across him watching a “Live at the Apollo” TV episode and really enjoyed his style of humour. Thankfully he is now on TikTok and he never fails to make me laugh.


Ok, I’ll admit it… I’m a real sucker for a cute dog video. Animal videos in general tend to relax me and reintroduce perspective when I’m stressing out. This TikTok account put loads of funny dog videos together all in one place.


This is another TikTok account that I love. This guy has a great sense of humour and he is down to Earth. His videos are creative and unique and never fail to make me smile. Oh, he also follows me too which is a nice bonus!


If you have never come across the YouTube account called Bad Lip Reading, you are missing out. These videos are incredibly funny and conversations are placed over the original dialogue for comical effect. It’s just crazy silly nonsense that comes out of their mouths but sometimes crazy silly nonsense can be refreshing and fun. Definitely one of my favourites.


This TikTok account offers a fantastic feel-good sensation whenever you watch one of her videos. She is bubbly, happy and filled with positive Energy. She is also a positivity and motivational coach. Love her stuff.


This TikTok account is truly amazing. It features a sheepadoodle call bunny who presses buttons and makes herself understood in this way. It is mind-blowing stuff and Bunny is part of a research project being carried out by the University of San Diego. The way bunny communicates with her owner is quite astonishing to witness. Take a look for yourself.


I love this TikTok account as it offers a comical perspective on life events. You can watch voice-overs on animal videos as well as politicians and other various individuals/events etc


Sarah Cooper is an American comedian who impersonates Donald Trump. Her timing is impeccable and her body language is brilliant. She is well worth a watch.


Fantastic impersonator. She is excellent! She does similar videos to Sarah Cooper 9she is the British version of Sarah Cooper) but with more variety. I like!


I came across this account and loved it. The woman who owns this account has a fantastic sense of humour, she pulls faces, she makes fun of herself and I always enjoy watching her videos.


You have got to check out this account as it is all about Nelson the donkey. I am definitely quite attached to Nelson these days and love the noises he makes.


This Tiktokker swears a lot and is unconventional and for that I love her.


If you want to see some pretty amazing face-pulling, this is the account for you. She is great and she has a good sense of humour. She’s down to earth too and definitely worth a follow.

If you’re ever bored and you need a bit of a distraction, TikTok is the place for you. In fact, it can be quite addictive so be careful. Every day I find new videos and new content that brightens the moment. I have been playing around with some of the video styles and trying different effects. I am still not relaxed enough in front of the camera but I’m working on it. Check it out you might be pleasantly surprised.

Mandy X

PS…if you are interested: my TikTok account is: @thoughtsonlifeandlove  If I can do it, so can you!

Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash