Mandy Kloppers

The best relationship advice

  1. Women are motivated by love and feeling cherished, men are motivated by respect and feeling needed.
  2. When a woman is having a rough day and is opening up to you, don’t immediately give advice. Women open up because they want men to listen.
  3. When a woman says: “You never care”, “You never make me happy”, “You never apologize”. She doesn’t literally mean that you never do any of these, this is just how she expresses her feelings in the moment, so take it easy and don’t get defensive.
  4. Men sometimes demand the right to have some space from time to time and not to continuously express their feelings when they’re mad. So don’t pressure.
  5. Contrary to the point above, if a woman is mad at you, encourage her to explain why she is mad, keep encouraging her, and don’t stop until she releases and expresses all the negative feelings. Because when she does, she will begin to feel happier again and return to her usual loving self. Again, this ties back to womens’ need to be heard. This is the secret of solving 99% of arguments.
  6. “Never go to sleep when you’re both angry” is a myth. Sometimes it’s good to step away from a heated conversation and sleep on it. It allows you to reflect on what went wrong so that it won’t happen again, which is what matters.
  7. Speak their love language. It’s either physical touch, acts of service, words of affirmation, gifts, or quality time.
  8. Never expect that you can change your partner once you get into a relationship.
  9. Always show how much you appreciate your partner from time to time. People crave appreciation more than anything else.
  10. Never get into a relationship for any of the following reasons: sex, pressure from friends or family, to fill an empty gap in your life, or to become happy.
  11. Always remember this: When you fight, you’re fighting to improve the relationship. You’re not fighting against each other. Stop taking things personally.
  12. Last but not least, don’t listen to me. Only take relationship advice from someone you aspire to become and with a healthy relationship. If you’re an entrepreneur who works 80+ hours a week, take advice from an entrepreneur who also works 80+ hours a week and yet, has a healthy relationship. You get the point.