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The best online exercise classes to keep fit

I’ve put on weight in the last few months. It doesn’t help working from home and being only steps from my kitchen. I also tend to eat when I am bored or feeling stressed. I decided this week that I need to look into online exercise classes to help me get fit and boost my mood. I also need to lose a few kilos! I thought it would be a good idea to share my research with you as we are all in the same boat – working from home and going out less. Coivd-19 has put a real spanner in the works!


Popsugar Fitness (YouTube)


I enjoy the series of online exercise classes by Popsugar Fitness – you can find them on YouTube. There are many workouts to choose from and they aren’t too long so they can fit in and around my unpredictable schedule. I have already tried a few of their classes and this is one I particularly like:

Check out their other exercise classes too – you can work on your abs, tummy or do core fitness training and many more. Versatile exercise at it’s best.


Lucy Wyndham-Reed (YouTube)

Lucy doesn’t live far from me and she has appeared on TV. Her exercise classes are easy to follow and well thought out.


Melissa Wood health

Melissa Wood trains all kinds of people. Beam her smiley face into your living room courtesy of her app and get fit with a range of low-impact, Pilates-meets-yoga flows, do some meditation or follow the pre- and postnatal routines. Or check out her free workouts on Instagram. Seven-day free trial, £8.14 p/m; melissawoodhealth.com


Pillow workouts

If you’ve got a pillow at home, then you’re in with the likes of Candace Cameron Bure, Ashley Graham and Venus Williams, all of whom are fans of the high-intensity Stokes Method. The “full body pillow” workout combines strength, light cardio and your fluffiest headrest. Other workouts include strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, barre, yoga and Pilates. MODs (that’s moves of the day) on Instagram. Seven-day free trial, then £12.20 p/m; kirastokes.com


Joe Wicks Online Exercise

A personal favourite – try Joe Wicks’ workouts – loads to choose from. Joe Wicks started the Body Coach TV with a goal to offer free home workouts to everyone, no matter what their fitness levels.




Mr Motivator online exercise classes

I really enjoy Mr Motivator’s style – he is full of energy and enthusiasm. here is the link to his YouTube channel. Mr and Mrs Motivator stream the videos from their home, which makes the short sequences  feel even more approachable. There are plenty of modifications on offer – including an option to remain sitting, if that’s better for you, or to hold onto a chair for balance in lunges. Uplifting and uncomplicated, bust out your best Hawaiian print shorts and get crunching.



Tracy Anderson


Workout with Tracy in real time each week from anywhere, at any time. The Online Studio offers new weekly classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced fitness levels plus a dance cardio library, bonus content, and more.




I am going to get stuck in and fit in three classes per week and see how I go. It’s easy to access and will make me feel good – no excuses!

Mandy X


Photo by Cyril Saulnier on Unsplash