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The Best Apps for Health and Fitness

Setting fitness and health goals are easy, but following through on these goals can be pretty challenging. That’s when the fitness apps come in. These apps are designed to motivate you to achieve your health objectives, by reminding you of the short and long term goals you have always wanted to achieve. You can use these apps to get motivation for your regular workouts and reminders for your fitness plans. It also allows you to connect with your trainer and set realistic and achievable health goals.

Some apps are for beginners who are trying to establish health or fitness routines, while others are designed for athletes. Some applications focus on a particular niche like nutrition and calories, while others are comprehensive apps that follow the all-in-one approach. In this article, we will cover the top fitness and health apps that can help you achieve your fitness objectives.

Fit Radio

People love to listen to music while walking, running or working out. It motivates you to work harder and before you know it you have achieved your daily workout goals. Fit Radio offers a perfect music playlist. You can select workout-specific music recommended by professional trainers or build your own playlist with your favourite tracks.

With the countless options available, you can also choose music for a particular type of training. Previously this app was only available in a paid version, but it is now available in a free version, though it has limited options.


Designed specifically for regular workout practices, Jefit is a perfect example of an all-in-one strength training app. It is available for Android, iOS, and web users. You can choose the strength training exercises based on your experience and the app will offer training for your level, from beginners and professional athletes. Jefit also allows you to track your performance.

Fitness enthusiasts can use the calendar to schedule their training practices and the app has both free and paid versions. You can invest in the premium plan if you want video lectures and charts as well as unlocking a broad range of fitness options.


Fitness isn’t just about exercising and working out. You also need to focus on your daily calorie intake to achieve your health objectives. Lifesum plays the role of a dietician: it recommends the maximum calories you should eat throughout the day. In fact, the app can be used to set your calorie intake for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Not only calories, but Lifesum apps help you set nutrition goals. Premium members get unlimited options. You can even follow a keto or vegan diet using this app.

Map My Fitness

Another app for Android and iOS users is Map My Fitness. It allows you to track your daily exercise routine. It is especially recommended for beginners. The specialty of this app is its modern features that allow you to record just about any activity you perform on a given day. This includes vacuuming, taking your dog out for a walk, running on the treadmill, and so on.

You only need to start the app, pick the fitness activity you are about to perform, and track the total time you spend practising the exercise. The stats keep changing based on your performance. If you forget to launch the application while performing an exercise, you can record the data manually. For an even better experience, you can integrate Map My Fitness with the fitness devices, such as Android Wear and Apple Watch.


If you are looking for an all-features app for your fitness and health goals, then MyPlate is your best option. The app is a perfect combo of dieting and workout routine. It helps you with weight management goals, calorie intake, and strength training. You need to register an account with the app, set your fitness goals, and mention the ideal weight you’d like to achieve.

You can then record your daily meals in the app to track your nutritional intake and also enter your exercise routine, that is, how often you exercise and what type of workout you perform. With the MyPlate app, you only need a mat and a space to do your workout and you’re ready to go.


8fit is the perfect app for fitness enthusiasts. It helps you develop a personalized fitness program and is designed for all levels, from beginners to experienced trainees. It sends you regular reminders for your daily fitness goals and offers suggestions. You can set your own goals, such as gaining muscle or losing weight. Once you have selected your goals, you can make them more specific. The app considers a range of factors when setting up your nutrition and health plan, which you can then customize according to your requirements.

These are some of the best fitness and health apps for both Android and iOS users. You don’t even need a fitness device as long as you have these apps. Once you’re armed with a decent mobile phone, simply download your apps and create the perfect fitness plan.

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Article by Tom Buckland

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