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Mandy Kloppers

The 6 minute diary


I have always kept a diary. I have a personal diary and a work diary. This diary marries the two very nicely and I thought it would be good to share it with you.

This diary is different because it is filled with inspiring quotes and information on the benefits of keeping a diary. Things like: it’s a great way to get your feelings out and not sit with them. Suppressing emotion is never a good idea and one useful strategy is to use a diary to record your thoughts.

There is also information on Positive Psychology. I love Positive Psychology and the default position is generally to look at what is wrong with people but Positive Psychology focuses more on what is good.

What I really like about this diary is that it gets you to focus on your progress, your general mood and helps you to ask yourself the right questions. Each day you get to focus on:

What you are grateful for (a great strategy for increasing happiness), how you can make the day better, a positive affirmation, a good deed you did that day , how you can improve and great things you experienced that day – it’s all focused on positivity, hope and your personal strengths: a formidable combination.

I recommend this diary, I use it and have bought it as a gift for friends.


For more info: https://createurbestself.com/

Mandy X