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The 6 Best Caribbean Islands for Families and Kids

Bringing family, especially kids on vacation, requires extra effort to make the trip memorable and safe. You may want to spend the time in all-inclusive resorts with everything you need on-site. Moreover, factors like proximity to the airport, type of vacation, kid-friendly parks, fun lands, and hotel facilities must be considered.

Your destination also depends on whether you want an adventurous or more laid-back trip. As all the Caribbean islands share the beauty of lush landscapes and pristine azure waters, you may find it hard to choose the perfect island for your family vacation. Here we have selected the 6 best Caribbean islands which are perfect for your family and kids. See also: Kiawah Vacation Rental


1.      U.S. Virgin Islands

With three main islands of St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John, the U.S. Virgin Islands are excellent for both explorers and divers or beach lovers. Bring your clan here to experience parasailing, zip line courses, and scuba diving.

The Coral World Ocean Park in the Virgin Islands has a large aquarium that is perfect for young explorers. National Park on St. John has 20-plus trails alongside Trunk Bay beach. Apart from this, Adults can visit Fort Christiansvaern and the Estate Whim Plantation Museum to explore local culture and history.


2.      Turks and Caicos

The Turks and Caicos Islands are the most family-friendly vacation spots in the entire Caribbean land.  Not only it is home to the beautiful wonderland of pristine white beaches and lush mountain trails, but also offers numerous all-inclusive resorts where families can spend their leisure time at affordable rates.

In this paradise, you can enjoy safe snorkelling and scuba diving along with the children especially in Grace Bay Beach or Sapodilla Bay. What makes Turks & Caicos ideal for adventure seekers is the kitesurfing lessons, horseback excursion, and helicopter trips over zip lines.


3.      Cayman Islands

“The culinary capital of the Caribbean” is known for its family-oriented culture and beautiful landscapes. Grand Cayman, the largest of the three Cayman Islands, has a seven-mile private beach with plenty of resorts where families can enjoy. Adults and kids can swim in the shallow waters, sunbathe on sandy beaches, or build sandcastles to spend a perfect family vacation.

Head to the Cayman Turtle Farm or Stingray City to get up closer with the sea life and get your kids super excited. The giant sea turtles at Boatswain’s Beach and live rays delight the animal enthusiast on the spot. The best time to visit here is Pirates’ Week in November where you can experience parades, fireworks, and other cultural and fun activities!


4.      Curacao

Curacao is a more secluded island and often overlooked, but for the same reason, it is best for families who want leisurely activities and relaxing shorelines. Of course, the centre of attention here is the ethereal view of azure waters that surround powdery white sand. But if you catch yourself snapping photos of the Dutch colonial architecture, do not be surprised. Curacao is known for its rich history and remnants of Dutch culture along with Handelskade.

Do not worry if the kids get bored! You can take them to a number of resorts that offer special activities to keep the kids busy. Be ready for a desert landscape scene with limestone cliffs and spiny aloe when you leave the vibrant city!


5.      Dominican Republic

What makes the Dominican a top family-friendly tourist destination is its vibrant culture and friendly locals. Its nine different ecosystems with a variety of landscapes, wild-life, mangroves, blue lagoons, sandy shorelines, and tropical forests, are loved by children of all ages.

A plethora of all-inclusive beach resorts provide luxurious services and accommodations that make you feel like royalty. You may discover that lots of people have timeshare in this place. Check why would anyone buy a timeshare and if getting one is a good investment.


6.      Anguilla

The 33 beaches and offshore cays of the flat island of Anguilla in the Eastern Caribbean are best for families with kids. The toddlers and newbies can easily swim in its gentle and warm waters. Shoal Bay East, Rendezvous Bay, Meads Bay and offshore cays including Sandy Island, Scilly Cay, or Prickly Pear Cay are top tourist attractions here.

Anguilla is a secluded island with no high-rise hotels or adult resorts. So, you can enjoy quality time with your family in local culture and enjoy the beautiful shorelines.