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Mandy Kloppers

Technology That Will Help Seniors to Age in Place

According to the National Institute on Aging, the term “aging in place” refers to the ability for seniors to stay in their own homes as they age.

If this goal sounds familiar, and you’d like to do whatever you can to age in place as opposed to going into an assisted living facility or other senior community, here is some great news: thanks to a variety of innovative technology, it is quite possible for older adults to remain in their own homes.

The following three types of tech will make aging in place a reality for a number of seniors.

A Security Camera System That Allows Remote Monitoring

If your adult children are expressing concern about your decision to stay at home, you can alleviate their worry by investing in a security camera system that will allow them to keep an electronic eye on you. For instance, Lorex sells a number of security camera systems that can be installed both indoors and outside. Your adult kids can help you set up the cameras and, if you are comfortable with this idea, they can be installed in the rooms of your home that you use the most often like your kitchen and bedroom. Thanks to the free remote viewing option from Lorex, your kids can then use their own computer, smartphone or tablet to make sure that everything is okay inside your home. You can also communicate with your adult kids with the help of a built-in microphone and speaker.

A Wearable Medical Alert Device

Another type of technology that is allowing seniors to age in place is a medical alert device. For instance, GreatCall offers the Lively Mobile Plus product that works with 5Star and a specially designed lanyard to sense the sudden movement of a fall. This way, if you tumble in the bathroom and are unable to reach the call button, the Lively Mobile Plus will automatically call a 5Star agent. The device is also waterproof, so it can be worn while walking in the rain or taking a bath or shower. It also features enhanced GPS technology that help pinpoint your location. The device can also be used if you accidentally lock yourself out of your house or if you have a flat tire.

Medicine Reminder

Do your well-meaning children call you several times a day to remind you to take your medication? If you are both grateful for the calls but also want to reassure your adult kids that you have everything under control, you might want to look into an automated pill dispenser like MedMinder. The tech device will remind you to take your medications with visual and/or auditory alerts that occur in 30-minute intervals. The device will first flash, then beep and then you’ll get a reminder by phone. Assure your well-meaning adult kids that if these alerts take place and you still don’t take your medication, they will be notified by phone, email and/or text. The MedMinder also features locked pill dispensers and, depending on the number of medications that you take, it can hold enough pills for several weeks.

Remain at Home in a Safe Way

It is reassuring that user-friendly technology exists that will help you to meet your goal of aging in place. Through a combination of a security camera system, wearable alert devices and a medication minder, both you and your adult kids will feel more at ease about your decision to remain at home.