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Take a day off


day off

Take a day off

Are you feeling overwhelmed? It might be time to save your sanity and take a day off (or more!). We all need a ‘duvet day’ every now and then. There is so much pressure on us to perform and achieve and strive that many of us don’t take enough time out to recharge and when we do we feel incredibly guilty.

If you have ever felt the need to disappear to a deserted island somewhere and throw your mobile phone away, you’ll recognise that feeling of saturation and too much stress. This can lead to anxiety, depression, lethargy and constantly feeling restless and distracted. If you are struggling to focus and concentrate, you are probably suffering from ‘life overload’.

I take a day out regularly and it helps to keep me sane. I absolutely need time to refocus and re-assess. Check that I am on track with my goals in general and that I am spending my time wisely (as much as possible).

I make sure I have naps every now and then and make sure that I don’t cook at least one night a week. Your way of relaxing may be different but scheduling time out to do things you enjoy or do absolutely nothing is crucial for a balanced life and your mental health.

We live in a culture that frowns upon looking after ourselves…it is often seen as self indulgent. This is a short sighted view. When we don’t take regular breaks from life, we accumulate stress and eventually…our bodies tell us by falling ill to make us notice that we need a break.

  • Practise nurturing yourself regularly.
  • Learn to say “no” more often.
  • Get comfortable with taking time out without feeling guilty.
  • Psychosomatic illness is your body’s way of telling you that you are overloaded – don’t let it get that far.
  • Learn to slow down and enjoy the present moment more.

Being able to sustain yourself, your sanity and your energy levels is a far wiser approach than pushing yourself till you burn out.

Mandy X