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Mandy Kloppers

Supplements in Perimenopause and Menopause

Why do women only ever talk about perimenopause and menopause in hushed tones?  Much of my own journey in to perimenopause was a feeling that my body had begun to rebel against me with a myriad of strange symptoms, emotions and behaviour. 

While not fully in menopause myself, and, according to my lovely GP, still a few more years of this weird behaviour before I can opt for Hormone Replacement Therapy. I started to trawl the internet to read anything I could about what to expect and what has worked for other women. 

One of the best descriptions of menopause that I read was that the body is going through an uncontrolled withdrawal of the hormones that have regulated most of our bodily functions for 30 or 40 years.  The thing is, we don’t go cold turkey, the hormones ebb and flow as sometimes there is more of one than the other and the imbalance, as well as the reduced supply lead to all the symptoms experienced by women in this stage of life. 

I have read many articles on the help that has been provided by various dietary supplements and through personal trial and error I have found a collection that works for me.  The trick is consistency and taking them regularly and finding a reliable, quality source, as they are not regulated.  As with most things in life, you do get what you pay. 

These are the ones I take.  In the morning with a Vit C fizzy. 

Probiotics.  I have tried a few and have currently found one, that after the initial week of bloating and smells, my gut has settled down and has also calmed my IBS giving a real sense of wellbeing. A healthy gut is great for your immune system, digestion and is also anti-aging. I use on from Swiss BioEnergetics https://www.swissbioenergetics.com/shop-1 but there are many other reputable brands on the market and finding one that works for you. 

Glucosamine Sulphate.  I have been active all my life and as my joints age, aches and pains have crept in.  I simply cannot be without this supplement and being able to run, ride and yoga without pain in my hips and knees makes this a worthwhile investment for me. 

Vitamin D.  Most of us just do not get enough sun, particularly in the winter and I cannot stress how much this makes a difference.  It boosts your immune system, enables your body to use calcium to strengthen your bones, is vital for eyesight, hair, nails, skin and connective tissues and is also needed for cognitive process really a vital vitamin and if you’re only going to take one supplement, make it this one. 

Iron.  With unpredictable and often heavier periods during perimenopause, I found myself feeling fatigued and lacking energy.  It was my sister that mentioned that I may be low in Iron and I decided to look into this.  Finding an iron supplement that is gentle on my tummy took a while, but Iron Bisglycinate from Nutravita https://www.nutravita.co.uk/ has been brilliant and this one I only tend to take as needed.  

Zinc.  I absolutely take zinc every day.  If you want to take a vitamin C and zinc combination that would work too, absolutely the best immune boot out there and also great for recovery.  I never go a winter without zinc, and since the pandemic I took it right through the summer too. 

Chelated Manganese. This supplement is indicated in alleviating symptoms of PMS, which I never had until entering perimenopause, improves brain function, lifts the fog, and improves thyroid health and collagen production.  But it’s the reducing of the PMS symptoms that I most appreciate.  

Vitamin B Complex.  While some people are allergic to certain vitamin B’s so you have to be careful with a B Complex offering, this is my little wonder pill. The benefits include cognitive function, nerve health, energy, hormones and muscle tone.  It does have an awful smell but within a week, two if your levels are low, you will feel the benefits and they are remarkable. 

Femi Night.  This is an actual product that has helped me sleep when the insomnia takes hold but I still have to work in the morning.  It has also helped improve the quality and duration of my sleep and everything feels more bearable after a good night’s sleep https://www.naturallight.co.uk/products/femi-night 

L-Tyrosine. As many women my age, I have felt my middle spread over the last few years, without much change in activity and diet.  This is an amino acid I have found recently and after about 2 weeks have started seeing a difference.  Not an endorsement yet, but definitely worth consideration.  I use the Supplemented one and only take 2 a day at lunch time. https://www.supplemented.co.uk/products/l-tyrosine-500mg-capsules 

Supplements can help immensely and the above tips are from personal experience of our guest writer. This is not a sponsored post, just useful tips being shared to help others. I have just purchased Glucosamine Sulphate – hope it works!

Mandy X


Photo by Evopure CBD on Unsplash