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Successful Living

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Successful Living

The above title comes from a seventeenth century samurai warrior. The above four points were his keys to successful living and swordsmanship:

1) No Fear
There shouldn’t be anything in this life that you are fearful of. If there is – ask yourself why you are afraid. Is there clear evidence or is most of it made up from your thinking? Confront your fears – this is how you make them smaller.

2) No Surprise

Life is full of surprises. Often there are clues that can help you uncover surprises. Sometimes, we choose to ignore the signs. Wake up – listen to your inner wisdom and there will less surprises in store.

3) No Hesitation

Stop procrastinating. Procrastination often comes from fear..refer to point number 1. Weigh up the odds and be decisive. If you delay the opportunity might pass you by. No hesitation means not waiting around for others to make decisions for us. It means that if there is a certain inevitability about a situation just throw yourself in and enjoy the ride.

4) No Doubt

Once you have made up your mind about something, don’t keep going over and over it in your mind. Stop the mental rehearsal, relax and let go. Stop worrying. Tomorrow will come along as certainly as yesterday has disappeared. Be confident. Be sure of yourself.

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