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Stop thinking start doing


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Stop thinking start doing

There’s no time like the present, so stop thinking start doing. We all tend to over think things and then end up worrying about all sorts of things that may never happen. As a result, we often end up doing nothing. This is sometimes referred to as “analysis paralysis”. Now I am not prescribing complete anarchy and recklessness but I am saying that sometimes we need to think less and just get on with it.

Book that holiday you’ve been planning. I am currently in Los Angeles – see! I practise what I preach… Tell someone how you really feel…try out that new social group. Put the fear aside. Fear will often be a feature of your thinking if you spend too much time going over every possible angle. Stop being so risk averse and live a little.

It’s one sure way to increase self confidence and resilience. If we never face our fears, we don’t get the opportunity to challenge them. It’s only by facing our fears that we realise the threat wasn’t half as bad as we anticipated. If things don’t go quite according to plan, we realise that we still cope and that the world doesn’t come to an abrupt end.

Please get out there and stop thinking start doing. I am doing it and finding it incredibly rewarding!!

Mandy X