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Stop holding on to negative beliefs


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Stop holding on to negative beliefs

Seriously – allow more inspiration into your life and less perspiration. You can choose your beliefs about the world. What you believe shapes how your life will be more than you realise.

There is no need to struggle. There is no need to suffer. Learn to relax by feeding yourself thoughts that make the world a friendly, less scary place.

When you work too hard at something, it might just be that somewhere in your mind you don’t believe you deserve it.

What is your inner dialogue like? What story do you tell yourself on a regular basis? Do you believe you are insignificant and unimportant? Believe it or not but this type of thinking will make it more likely that this will be true for you.

Believe in possibilities, believe in the goodness of others…don’t allow the world to beat you down and turn your sweetness into bitterness. You can choose to believe that things come easily and you can choose to believe that life will always be a struggle. Your beliefs will affect how your life turns out.

Believe that life supports you. Reframe limiting self beliefs – who you think you are can’t handle it but who you REALLY are can…

Say “yes” to being a better receiver. Open up to help and support…look for all that life offers you. If you are engaging in the wrong beliefs, you won’t see the opportunities.

We tend to look for things in the world that confirm what we think about the world. SO if you believe negative things, you will be confirming these to yourself every day.

Try to believe the opposite and make a choice to ACTIVELY look for the opposite of what you believe – you will find it.

Mandy X

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