Emotional Wellbeing


Mandy Kloppers

Stop feeling guilty

It gets drummed into us from a young age to work hard. We are given messages that if you don’t work hard you will be a failure, not a success. These ‘black and white’messages have created generations who have forgotten how to have fun and be in the moment.

Instead of really enjoying people around us, the meal we are eating, the rustle of the wind, we are consumed by “What next?” More often than not, we are living in our heads, trying to control the future.

Let me tell you a secret, no amount of planning can guarantee your life ahead. Sure, have goals (long and short term) and have a purpose but then get back to living – REALLY living. I mean sitting quietly in nature or playing with your kids for an hour or do something on the spur of the moment without planning every eventuality.

Learn to be more spontaneous and live in the moment. Pamper yourself and don’t allow guilt to creep in. Guilt is toxic and a waste of emotional energy when it comes to “shoulds” and “musts”.

When you hear the inner voice saying “But you should be doing this or I must do that”, challenge it. Why should you? Why must you? Who is in charge – you or your guilt? Is it written in the “Book of Life” that right this moment, you have a wordly obligation to do whatever your guilt is pushing you to do? I doubt it. Learn to push back and enjoy life more.

You will be happier and actually probably be far more productive when you do get back to the “shoulds and musts”.

Mandy X