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Stop doing these things for more contentment


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Stop doing these things for more contentment

Do you do any of these things? If you do, you could be stressing yourself out unnecessarily.

How the balance gets removed from your life:

1. You work until you feel exhausted. 

2. You put up with a lot of stress at home or at work. 

3. You seek distraction with hours of television, video games or surfing the Internet. 

4. Once you begin to work on something, you focus intensely, rarely getting up to move around. 

5. You take your life very seriously, without a sense of humour. 

6. You over schedule your time. 

7. You’re addicted to being busy. 

8. You fret and worry. 

9. You are constantly texting, emailing and checking up on things. 

10. You deal with all the demands in your life by multitasking. 

11. Your diet is loaded with sugar, fat and processed food. 

12. You eat in a hurry, sometimes on the run. 

All of these behaviours train the brain in the wrong direction, pushing it to the breaking point if the pressure is kept up long enough. Unfortunately, there are millions of people whose lives consist of doing all or most of these things, sometimes believing that they are actually doing some good for themselves. They mistake stress for being ‘good citizens’ who are productive and useful. Deep down, the last thing they want to do is to meet themselves in a state of simply being. Consider the stark contrast when you train your brain to keep you in balance. This will lead to more contentment.

To stay in balance you need to turn these behaviours around. The smallest changes make a difference, but pay attention to changes that aren’t so small, like getting enough sleep (without drugs), dealing with your anger and anxiety before they erupt, moving around during the day, making time to play, eating sensibly and simply being with yourself. 

Prevention is the best medicine. Reaching your breaking point means that you’ve crossed into the red zone, from which it’s hard to return. You won’t get to your red zone if you apply the habits of self-care. The choice is really yours. Medical research has abundantly validated that being in balance is the healthiest way to live.

Spend the next two weeks getting back into balance. You’ll be amazed and pleased with the results and will feel more contentment.

Mandy X

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