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Stoicism – How to Be More Disciplined”

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“Let it go” — is one of the simplest phrases we hear in our daily life. And recently, it has been popularized by a famous Disney movie, and these three powerful words are now sung all over the world.
Nevertheless, you have undoubtedly heard a close one utter this phrase to you at a time of crisis. In fact, you have probably said it a few times to your friends too.
Perhaps they were pining over an ex, wallowing in self-pity because of bad grades on an exam, or considering sending a mean text to an arch-nemesis at work. At the time, the most logical advice you could come up with was to ask them to let it go.
But why is letting go considered a solution for most things? After all, ignoring a problem doesn’t make it go away.
But Stoicism says it might.
Watch this video to find out!

Stacey Nabutse
Author: Stacey Nabutse

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