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Stay Fit During The Winter

It’s easy to be fit in the summer. The food is light and you are more active. You go swimming, do various outdoor activities, etc. But, when the cold winter days come …

How To Stay Fit During Cold Winter Days?

It is easy to be fit in the summer. The food is lighter, most of the time it is too hot to eat, and you are active most of the time trying out new sports with your friends. But, when the cold winter days come, you simply switch to “unhealthy mode”. You are sitting in front of the TV, eating unhealthy snacks and you give up your workout routine. Why shouldn’t you make things different this year?

Enjoy Everything That Autumn And Winter Have To Offer

Of course, the weather is warmer and brighter in summer – but autumn and winter also have their benefits. It’s not too warm, so outdoor sports can be played at any time, and the landscape is simply breathtaking. Make sure you enjoy everything these seasons have to offer. It’s the perfect time for walking, running, hiking, or biking. There is also the “winter magic” you can enjoy, like winter sports and other activities that will enhance your physical strength and make you feel much better. Not to mention the fact that maintaining your fitness routine in the open air, with the rustle of leaves or the squeak of snow under your shoes, you will also have a spectacular view of autumn and winter landscapes.


A “Weekend Workout” Also Brings Results

Weekend workouts used to be the target of criticism because it was believed that it was better not to train at all than to exercise irregularly. But studies at the Mayo Clinic have shown the benefits of weightlifting even once a week. 


The study involved 7,400 adults, of whom 15% developed metabolic syndrome after four years. It is a group of symptoms that increase the risk of heart disease, including high blood pressure, blood sugar, triglycerides and cholesterol. 


After excluding other factors associated with metabolic syndromes, such as smoking, family history, body index, etc. – they found that subjects who exercise once a week were 29% less likely to develop the syndrome than those who did not lift weights at all. Even more interesting – it was found that those who exercised five or more times a week, were not necessarily healthier population. Just a day or two at the gym or an hour of weightlifting will be quite enough. 


This means that you will keep your heart strong even if you go to the gym only on weekends. But then, you run the risk of injury to your muscles and joints, so it’s ideal to train three times a week. The most effective is a combination of resistance workout and aerobic exercise. Crucial for those weekend warriors is not to push themselves over the limit, one of the things that can help here is the pedometer. 


This useful gadget will allow you to monitor most important health parameters of your body including heart rate, blood pressure, calories spent, number of steps and similar.

Drink Plenty Of Water

We know how important it is to drink plenty of water for and we usually manage to stay well hydrated during the summer. But during the colder months, we often tend to forget about it. Being hydrated is extremely important when it comes to fitness and workout. Consuming enough water is a great way to give your body what it needs while keeping your hunger under control at the same time. Stay away from other drinks as it will “fill” you with extra calories. It is always better to stick to water and unsweetened tea.

Using Water Bottles

Have you ever thought about the bottle in which you carry your water or a drink for your workout? Did you know that there’s a sign under each plastic bottle, telling you from which sort of plastic it is made of? This is common, but an unhealthy solution. Therefore, you should turn to healthier options in choosing your fitness accessories. Thermoses, water bottles and shakers are essential props when exercising. Hydration during training is a very important part of the process. 


Avoiding or forgetting regular fluid intake can have negative effects on the body. Today, water bottles are available, specifically for sports activities. Keep in mind that it is very important to get yourself a reusable water bottle


These bottles will help you keep your health maintained, and they will also save you money. You won’t have to buy so many bottles from time to time. Instead – get one you will use for a lifetime. Therefore, opt for some of the higher quality water bottles like Kool8 water bottle


These bottles are made of durable stainless steel that prevents any kind of damage, and your water bottle will keep its good look for a lifetime. 


Maybe you prefer to drink tea instead of water? These bottles have double vacuum isolation, so it will keep your beverage warm. The tip of the bottle prevents splashing and spilling of fluid. This is especially important if you use this bottle to make protein shakes, etc.

Avoid Overeating

The best thing to do to stay fit during the winter – is to stick to the summer menu. Of course, this is not always possible. It is natural for you to feel more hungry during the colder months because our bodies need more energy to keep us warm. There is nothing wrong with eating a little more than during the summer, but avoid any form of overeating. This includes unhealthy snacks in front of the TV, “special treats” with a large slice of cake every day after lunch. In one word, avoid eating until your stomach is full that much that you need to unbutton your pants. It’s okay to enjoy treats from time to time, but it’s important not to overdo it.

Find A Friend

If your main problem with exercise is motivation, then finding a friend to practice with can be a great idea. Someone who will call you every day and make sure you visit the gym can be really helpful in your life. You can also practice together in other situations. Going for a walk instead of sitting and drinking coffee. Playing basketball instead of playing video games. Walking your pet instead of watching movies, etc. You will feel much better and you’ll have plenty of time to talk to your friends and family.

Exercise while watching TV

There is probably no way to avoid watching TV in the wintertime – the nights are cold and dark, so you probably won’t even go out from home as often as usual. But that doesn’t mean your evenings should be lazy – why not exercise instead of lying on the couch? It’s really easy – just throw yourself on a workout bike and burn a few calories while watching your favourite TTV show. If you don’t have a fitness device, you can also use small weights to strengthen your muscles, or simply do a few squats or pushups. If your favourite show is suspenseful and exciting, you won’t even notice that you’ve been able to practice for an entire hour!

Photo by Naitian(Tony) Wang on Unsplash