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Start your own parade


Photo by Dmitry Dzhus

Start your own parade

Have you ever noticed someone doing something daring or brave and thought to yourself, ‘If they can do it then that means it’s okay for me to do it”. What I am referring to in the title of this blog “Start your own parade”, is that we don’t need permission to do anything but often we feel we do. We are socially conditioned to fit in, be nice and tow the line.

I have wanted to do things in the past or say things but have been reluctant to do so. Fear has stopped me. Fear of rejection or humiliation. Yet when I see someone else doing it, it somehow seems that I now have permission.

This concept of needing permission is just a perception though, it is a belief that I have chosen to obey. I can just as easily choose not to obey a thought or adapt an outdated belief.

Start your own parade – do what you want to do. Be brave -a pioneer, a front runner. You don’t need permission and you certainly don’t need to wait for someone else to do it first for it to be acceptable. This is what I have learned recently and I wanted to share.

So get out there, say what you want, do what you wish – be kind and be inspiring, the world needs you!

Mandy X

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