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Speed Dating Tips

Speed Dating Tips
Speed Dating Tips


Want to increase your chances when speed dating? Here are a few tips to help you secure the date of your dreams..

1) Obvious one. Show up looking your best. Clean and well dressed with no slogans on your clothing. First impressions happen within split seconds of meeting someone new and you don’t want them to make up their mind before you have even opened your mouth.

2) Mimic the actions of the person you are talking to. When we mirror the actions of someone else we create the illusion of familiarity and this allows others to relax more with us and like us more. Copy the way they sit, their facial expressions and their hand gestures but be sure not to make it too obvious.

3) Decide on the people that you feel you have chemistry with and pick them as the ones you would like to see again. It isn’t a good idea to randomly tick everyone in the hope of getting a date. It can come across as desperate.Potential dates want to feel special and don’t want to feel you are spreading your chances by selecting every potential person there.

4) Don’t fall into the “too good to be true” group. This applies especially to men – if you are good looking and you earn a high salary, women might be less likely to choose you as they will believe that you won’t be a good long term prospect. This may be due to the perception that this man is likely to have too much choice. Play down the financial success for the meantime.

5) Avoid cheesy pick up lines or cliches like “so have you done this before?” or ” do you come here often”. Be genuine and be original.

Be yourself, be fun and see it as a great way to meet many new people and possibly a new love…good luck!


Mandy X