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Mandy Kloppers

Soul destroying relationships


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Soul destroying relationships

Soul destroying relationships chip away at your confidence and leave a shell of your former self behind. I have been in relationships where I started out confident and by the end of it, I was full of self doubt. Every time I was in  a relationship like this, my inner wisdom or gut instinct, whichever you prefer to call it, would be sending me messages telling me something wasn’t right and I would ignore them. Looking back though, it is clear to me that a soul destroying relationship was to blame.

What you can do to maintain balance:

Instead of constantly trying to please the other person and gain their acceptance and approval. ask yourself whether your own needs are being met in the relationship. The more you value yourself, the less nonsense you will be willing to take from someone else. Does this person meet your needs too or are you so focused on getting them to love you that you don’t look at your own needs?

Long term, a relationship is less likely to last if one person isn’t getting their needs met. Soul destroying relationships don’t provide balance and that will lead to an unhappy ending. Balance is key where you both feel loved and needed and both get your needs met.

Mandy X