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Mandy Kloppers

Society’s Modern Sickness


Let us focus some of our attention towards the active spread of this virus we know as the cyber world. Sure, we can evade many questions regarding it by simply arguing that it is very efficient as a means for global communication. But who doesn’t see that it is not that wonderful a reality as previously thought? How has Facebook made your life better? Research has shown that people are more depressed than ever since they started using it. We compare ourslelces unfavourably to others yet others often lie and embellish their profiles and updates. It is an undeniable fact that all it has given us is a sense of delusion, that there is yet another world that you can conquer. When, actually, there is no conquest. The focus should be on the real world not the cyber one.

Effects on All Ages:

Ever since the advent of the social media trend that hit the whole of humanity with a frenzy, many have become addicted. Teens, adults, children and even old-timers have a social media presence that becomes their focused world outside the real world. Initially,  this creates a false sense of what’s real. The person slowly develops a sense of jealousy and depression due to a sense of feeling neglected and not forging meaningful connections in the real world. Studies conducted at the University College of London revealed that kids become more and more alienated from reality and their families. The communication barrier is reinforced and comes to the point when the families eat dinner without looking away from their gadgets. This has been misused to the point that online suicide games are being made to attract depressed and anxious people. These victims, in their state of constant stress are feeling left out and abandoned, and so become vulnerable.

Emotionally scarred people have faced serious circumstances online that have incited some nasty actions. These have been of various types. Suicides have been evidenced as being down to the fact that the victim felt depressed and isolated. We can take a look at the way school shootings are taking place. Feeling jealous, depressed, inferior, left out and/or unwanted can be a normal experience on social media. Since there is no perfect or most popular character online, everyone is trying to be the best and can be easily influenced by other unscrupulous users online.

Digital Detoxing; an Impossibility:

The internet is a great way to connect to the world. Although you can’t deny the fact that every gadget or device with a screen can be harmful for the user. It can directly damage your eyes and your brain. Mental health is a serious issue and is often disregarded as something intangible. It is absurd to think that a person can live without a phone these days, we have become so accustomed to using gadgets.This has really cut off human connections. The online presence has become more of a factor that has divided us and limited us to only the experiences that we engage with. Our life experiences are becoming limited. Digital detoxing is becoming impossible for a person living in this day and age.

Live: The fact of the matter remains in the end that we are not living a life. We are becoming addicted to a world that doesn’t exist and losing the one that does. We are letting go of a live humane engagement for a chat with someone who’s not even there or may not be who they present themselves to be. This needs to change in order to justify the use of technology and the internet. The long term consequences, of which could be devatstating for the general mental health of the population. Containing and restricting yourself to only comfortable environments can remove or limit your only chance at living a life, a life that you are missing out on.

Mandy X

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