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Smart tips for life


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Smart tips for life

Success and happiness aren’t the same thing

Being successful, as in having money, power and status doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be happy. Often we chase the wrong things and mistakenly believe that once we have more money, a bigger house or that person we long for that we will automatically be happy. Happiness is an inside job and people take their negative thinking with them. Possessions rarely make a person happy although they can offer choice which is always a good thing. Look at your values and see whether your life is in line with these important priorities and you will get closer to happiness.

The thoughts you focus on can make life heaven or hell

We all have a mind but we are NOT our minds. Imagine your mind as an internal computer. You can read off it’s screen and see what it is thinking but you don’t have to obey every thought that appears. See your mind as separate to you. Thoughts are not facts – be more selective about the ones you choose to focus on and pay attention to. They will create the quality of your life.

Self belief will get your further than qualifications will

A lack of self belief will create so many barriers to fantastic opportunities. When we don’t have self belief we tend to drown in self limiting beliefs and not even try things in life. You owe it to yourself to believe in your abilities and go for it. See failure as a learning curve – that’s all it is.

Never settle

Fear forces us to settle for less than we deserve. Watch those fearful thoughts and doubts. Believe that you deserve love and attention and respect and if someone doesn’t give it to you, don’t stay out of fear of never finding someone else. Sometimes we have to risk it and be alone in order to find the real prize. It takes guts though to leave something that we could accept on many levels.

You can enjoy life now instead of thinking “When I have….”

Make a conscious choice to enjoy life now instead of putting your happiness on hold until you have obtained something in the future. For example – I will be happy when I have lost weight or I will happy when I have more money. Don’t delay your happiness and try to find happiness and joy in the small things in life. Practice gratitude….

Being true to yourself will bring your closer to contentment

When we behave in line with who we really are instead of putting on a mask to please others and be accepted, we feel a lot more content and at peace with ourselves. Try it! You will be amazed and how people like the real you and if you don’t try it you will never know the joy of living as your authentic self. Say what you want to say, behave the way you wish and don’t change yourself to keep others happy.

Most people think they aren’t good enough

We all have self doubt and we tend to think everyone else is supremely confident. The truth is that I have never met a client who hasn’t wanted more confidence. We all have our fears and imperfections….every single one of us. Embrace your quirky bits and remind yourself that you are wonderful as you are. Never compare yourself unfavourably to others – we all have our strengths and weaknesses.

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