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Sleep Expert Reveals: 3 Things you Must do to Get a good night’s Sleep This Holiday Season

It is no secret that stress and holidays go hand in hand, whether your shopping, gift wrapping, cooking or partying. It’s needless to say that there’s a lot going on in the holiday period. To fit everything into tight schedules many people often neglect sleep. Sleep expert, Penny Albright from has revealed why it is important to still try and prioritise sleep through this busy time of the year. After some thorough research, Penny has revealed that there are three main factors that will impact your sleep the most through the holidays, apart from the usual holiday stress.

  • Food
    • “Eating smaller portions of food can help to reduce feelings of fatigue as your body can process and digest the foods a lot easier. The reason that we feel tired after eating a large meal is because the amount of carbohydrates, protein and fats consumed can change serotonin levels, which is a hormone that makes us feel good but also promotes sleepiness.”“I know this seems cruel especially when a delicious meal is right in front of you, but this tip can help reduce your feelings of sleepiness”“In an ideal World, we should stop eating around two hours before we go to sleep. If you are hungry before bed, heavy foods should be avoided but a light snack is okay.”
  • Alcohol
    • “Alcohol can make us fall asleep faster and heavier, however it can massively impact sleep quality. During the first part of the night, research has revealed that if you drink too much before you go to bed, the liver will process the alcohol into a stimulant called acetaldehyde, this can massively disrupt sleep and wake you up, ruining the second half of your sleep. If you are in deep sleep and you suddenly wake up, this interrupts the brain’s ability to restore and repair cells.”“Very similar to eating heavy foods, try to stop drinking at least two hours before you try to go to sleep to maximise your chance of a good night’s rest.”
  • Naps
    • “Feeling tired during the holidays is something that happens to all of us, and taking a nap is most people’s first solution. Usually the thing that is causing you to feel tired is the food that you are consuming. Rich processed foods containing sugars and proteins that boost serotonin levels massively contribute to that feeling of fatigue. If you are feeling tired right after you’ve eaten, try to hold off for an hour or two so that your body can begin to digest the food. If you suffer from heartburn or insomnia I wouldn’t recommend taking a nap, especially after you’ve eaten because this will hugely impact your sleep pattern.”“If you haven’t eaten and you are tired from holiday travel or stress then taking a 15 to 20 minute nap is recommended. 15 minutes is just enough time to reset your system and get a burst of alertness and energy.”

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