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Skydiving improves mental health and builds relationship intimacy

Trying something new like skydiving increases your confidence and can also increase the bond between you and your partner. Not only can skydiving relieve stress (yes it really can due to the release of certain neurochemicals), but it can also elevate your mood due to higher dopamine levels.  The combination of chemicals such as adrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin creates positive emotional states similar to falling in love or successfully accomplishing a huge goal.

Skydiving also helps some individuals overcome their fears – such as fear of heights or flying. Therapists call this a “behavioural experiment” where you actively test out your fears in reality. Instead of the typical “what if” worries – do the thing you fear to prove that you can handle it. Usually, the outcome is far better than expected.

Of course, a reputable skydiving company is vital and this is where Parabellum Skydiving comes in. They cater for experienced skydivers as well as those who want to learn how to skydive.

Experienced instructors will support/train you

Their company is founded by a team of former Special Forces soldiers, who have spent their careers delivering air operations with a large proven track record of training Special Forces units throughout the world. The Parabellum team are Military Free Fall Instructors, who are absolutely committed to ensuring that you receive the very best from your experience. 

Whilst serving in the UK’s Special Forces, their lead instructors have developed training for Military Free Fall High Altitude Oxygen supported operations completed in the most arduous of conditions and environments.

I personally recommend this highly professional company and know that they are excellent at what they do. Stepping out of your comfort zone helps your body feel stronger and more resilient and you are likely to feel happier as a result.

Another advantage of skydiving is it can allow your mind to reset – you are out in nature, away from the daily grind and experiencing something that is new. The more you try new experiences the better your competency and ability to cope in life. If you can manage a skydive it says a lot about your level of resilience.

Parabellum skydiving

Improve intimacy in your relationship

If you want to feel closer to your partner, you’ll want to choose activities that are meant to bring you closer together. That means you’ll actually need to interact with each other, communicate with each other, and be completely present. You should also consider choosing activities that will help you learn more about each other, expand your comfort zones, and enhance your communication skills.

A study by psychologist Arthur Aron found that couples who spent time together doing “new and exciting” activities were more satisfied with their relationships. The reason behind this is pretty simple. Couples who actively try new things together are less likely to fall into a rut. When you’re both doing something new for the first time, you can bond over the experience together. Depending on the activity, you may even see your partner in a whole new light.

Research has shown that when couples engage in a novel activity together that heightens their senses and gets their juices flowing, it creates strong feelings of sexual and romantic attraction.  Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby, founder and clinical director of Growing Self Counseling and Coaching says that there’s a longer-term impact as well.

Engaging in novel things together also provides couples with shared experiences, conversation material, and a shared identity. “While it may seem counter-intuitive to voluntarily leap into something anxiety-provoking together, your relationship will be stronger for it,” Dr. Bobby says.

Mental Health benefits of skydiving

Skydiving improves general fitness, cardiovascular health as well as building your physical strength in your arms and your core. Skydiving allows you to test your fitness and improve. In addition – skydiving leaves you feeling you are stronger and aids positive thinking by conquering fears and challenging your mental doubts. ,  which can help with overcoming obstacles in life later.

Parabellum Skydiving offer trips to Mount Everest, Spain and many other destinations. Upcoming trips include Slovenia, Nepal and Spain and you can find further details here. Parabellum skydiving offer jumps for individuals, tandem jumps and charity jumps.

You even have the option to arrange for a photographer to jump with you and record the event:

“We have a team of highly trained freefall photographers who are experts at capturing your special moments. With this option you will get a personal camera flyer, who will jump out of the aircraft with you and will be dedicated to you during your skydiving experience in order to record every aspect of the jump. You will receive an edited video of the skydive that will include every moment, starting from the interview on the ground and until the soft landing back on “terra firma”. You will also receive 50-80 stills photographs.”

Parabellum skydiving

The advantage of this option is that the freefall will be recorded from every angle, which makes for a varied and “full” video. The landing footage from the ground looks amazing too, however, a free-fall photographer cannot record your actual canopy ride.

To get in touch with them, click this link: https://www.parabellumskydiving.com/contact

You can find out other details and images on their website: https://www.parabellumskydiving.com/

Or email them: info@parabellumskydiving.com

In fact, writing this post has persuaded me to seriously think about taking on this challenge!  Mandy X





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