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Skiing in Courchevel 1850

skiing in Courchevel 1850


Skiing in Courchevel 1850

Fun Activity Rating: 7/10

I’m not a physically active person. I don’t like exercise or the gym even though I know I should exercise more often. I do love skiing though. The fresh air, the natural surroundings, the schnapps at lunch…hehe

I am not a good skier at all. I haven’t skied for two years and the last time I skied, I managed a red run (just) but was happier on blue runs. My lungs felt great which was wonderful as having Cystic Fibrosis always leaves me feeling slightly out of breath. Being in the fresh air is like a lung detox for me.

So if you have considered skiing but have not tried it because you feel you aren’t fit enough or have never tried it before, don’t let that put you off. I first tried skiing in my thirties and I’m very unfit. Of course, I am more cautious now than I would have been if I’d learned when I was younger but I managed to keep up with others and really surprised myself with my ability to progress quickly.

Apart from skiing – one word of advice. Make sure you go with good company. I went to one of the loveliest ski resorts in France. The skiing was great but the company less so. I am no longer with the boyfriend who generously took me skiing in Courchevel and I remember sitting in a coffee shop on my own, having a quiet cry and thinking to myself how ironic it was that I was in the lap of luxury yet felt so miserable.

At least the skiing was good!

Mandy X