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Six Things You Need To Know About Your Walking Toddler

Here is one thing that every parent understands, it’s the excitement that comes with every milestone of the first year of being a parent. Every single new thing that your child does becomes the new “best thing in the world” and you eagerly and happily celebrate each one of those new things that they do.


And then they learn to walk


If you thought that a baby was cute, wait until you have a moving and walking toddler. A toddler is a fierce little person, with their own agenda, attitude and wants. They will stop at nothing to get what they need, and they will make it very much known that they want to get on their feet and get walking. It’s those moments they will flatten their bodies when you try to put them in the stroller – that’s when you know that it’s time to invest in some kids’ shoes. Babies don’t need shoes until they start to walk independently and strongly, but when the time comes, you need to know everything there is to know about your walking toddler. Let’s take a look at six things that take the top spot for importance!

It’s A Huge Deal

No really. This is a huge deal. Your little baby – the one that you built from scratch – is a walking toddler now. There’s no hanging onto furniture and walls as they go; they’re determined and ready, and there is no stopping them! Walking is a big deal and you need to mark the date in the baby book – for the future memories!

They Are Accident Prone

If you thought that a cruising toddler who held onto things was something of a worry, then a walking toddler totally independent of things on which to hold is going to worry you greatly. Children are accident prone as it is because they can’t work out how to hold their balance. It’s vital that you let your toddler fall a little; not dangerously, but if they stumble, it’s not a bad thing. Children need to learn to be brave and you have to let them stumble if they’re going to learn to get up and keep walking. 

Sometimes, They’ll Forget

Did you know that a walking toddler will switch between walking and crawling? Some toddlers haven’t quite got their confidence down when they start walking, despite being able to get on their feet and go. They’ll forget how to get that foot off the floor for a few moments before they manage it, and that’s not something you need to worry about. They’ll get there; give them time!

Your Toddler Will Get Better Over Time

As with any skill, your walking toddler will be unsteady at first. They’ll stumble and toddle about, unable to catch themselves at first. When you watch your toddler go, you’ll notice how they start wobbly and over time, they gain their balance and they get to putting one foot in front of the other far too quickly. It’s hard to see the difference at first, but one day you have a toddler that falls down a lot, and the next you have one running confident rings around you.

Their Feet Grow Fast

At first, you don’t put shoes on a baby or a toddler who has learned to walk. They need to feel the ground beneath their feet and learn how to steady themselves. When you do buy their first pair of shoes, you need to have them properly measured so that they are wearing a size that is comfortable with a little growing space. Usually, toddlers have feet that grow a size within the first three to four months. You have to watch their feet, mainly because cramped shoes are uncomfortable. If you ensure that you are having your toddler’s feet measured properly every couple of months, you’ll keep their feet healthy and comfortable.

Hide The Ornaments

Lastly, a walking toddler is one that soon learns how to climb, and this is where parents grow eyes at the back of their heads. You should think about hiding the ornaments, adding safety gates and removing anything that can be stepped on or pulled onto. Safety is a huge priority with a walking toddler. You’ll need to make sure that you are ready to catch your toddler for the big falls.

A walking toddler is a scary prospect for a parent; things are going to change dramatically from the moment your little one starts walking. Welcome to the next adventure.

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