Mandy Kloppers

Simple Ways To Show You Love Your Partner

Romantic gestures don’t have to be grandiose or expensive. Often, it’s the little things that say the most. If you think that being romantic is something that only has to be done on Valentine’s day you’re sorely mistaken, and even the simplest things can not only make your partner feel great, but strengthen your relationship too. Romance doesn’t have to be expensive, and it doesn’t have to be epic. If you’re looking for some brilliant ways to show your partner how you feel about them, then these seven simple acts could be the key to a better and more satisfying relationship.

Love Letters

There’s a strong tradition of writing beautiful love letters that declare the strength of your love and passion for the love of your life. You don’t have to be Shakespeare to put your love into words. Simple notes hidden around the home can be a great way to add little bursts of happiness into anyone’s day.

Prepare a Meal

When life is busy, it can be difficult to find time to spend together. Dinner is often a rushed affair unless you dedicate some time to creating a romantic meal. Candles are not expensive, and a few flowers on the dining table can go a long way to turning even the most basic meal into a romantic dinner for two; don’t forget to buy a cake for dessert.

Chocolate Delights

Presents are always appreciated, and you can rarely go wrong with gifts of chocolate. Don’t just get a few chocolate bars and hope for the best. Instead, look at creating a more personalised chocolate gift. You can now easily build your own chocolate gift box, and tailor the contents to suit the person that they are intended for.

Giving Compliments

There’s little in life that’s more thrilling than having someone you love share compliments with you. This is a brilliant way to excite and delight, and it doesn’t cost anything either. Never be afraid to compliment your partner on how their smile, smell, or how great they look in that new item of clothing.

Don’t be afraid of apologies

Arguments are inevitable, even in the strongest relationships. Never let an argument get out of control, and always take the time to understand the causes. The most important thing to remember about arguments is that apologies are easy, no matter what the cause or fallout of an argument might be.

Surprise Errands

If your partner has a list of errands that they need to tackle, surprise them by doing them in advance. Not only will they appreciate the fact that you are helping, it will also mean that they have more free time, which you can spend together in any way that you want.

Picnic Lunches

Meeting up for lunch doesn’t have to mean a rushed burger. Schedule your lunchtime meet and surprise your partner with the ultimate in romantic picnics. This is obviously one for warmer days, but there’s nothing quite like lounging together on a blanket with a romantic picnic and an hour of people watching.

Romance should never be a chore. Take the time to express your love in small ways every day. Your relationship will only grow stronger as a result of your small signs of affection

Mandy X