Mandy Kloppers

Silver Splitters – divorcing late in life

Divorce later in life is definitely growing. Statistics show that more people are deciding that they want more from life and are forging ahead without their ex lifelong partners.
Often, the children have grown up and a resentment has set in. By the time the divorce occurs, much of the grieving has already been done. This seems especially true considering the type of couples I am seeing presently. All of the divorces have been initiated by the women with the nonplussed husband wondering how he missed all the signs. Sadly, this is a very common state of affairs.
As we are all aware, relationships take work. The monotony of life erodes the romance,and work, raising children and general pressures of life can lead to a couple becoming estranged.

Keeping a relationship happy and connected involves regular communication, compromise and commitment..I call them the “Three C’s”.

A steady commitment to find the good in the other person and to engage with them regularly certainly helps.

Here are some tips on promoting a successful union:

  • Quality time – make sure you connect regularly. Take time out together and focus on each other.
  • Positive language – compliment your other half and use positive, encouraging language.
  • Acts of Service – this includes any acts that you don’t have to do for your partner. for example: buying flowers, picking up dry cleaning, buying them a gift, leaving them a love-note
  • Physical touch – such as affection, kissing and cuddles – all these are important in maintaining a bond
There are no guarantees in life but appreciation and showing goodwill to each other will decrease the likelihood and resentment and anger building up.

Mandy x

Photo by Sven Mieke on Unsplash