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Signs of an independent woman


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Signs of an independent woman

There are certain characteristics that independent women share. These women have moved away from always being the one to sacrifice for others and who is prepared to sit quietly in the shadow of others. She comes into the light and she is not afraid to show her beautiful colours…

1) She is not afraid to have an opinion and to express it

An independent woman knows that her opinion is just as important as anyone else’s. She doesn’t fear rejection or embarrassment as she understands that opinions are not set in stone and that we all have the right to share our views of the world.

2) She is happy to bask in her own success

An independent woman accepts compliments easily and has no problem with telling others of her successes.

3) She is not jealous of the success of others

She also knows that success is not finite or that there is a limited amount to go around. She celebrates the success of others as much as she celebrates her own as she is not in competition with others – only with herself.

4) She does not need validation or approval from others

She marches to her own beat and pursues what is personally important to her not what she thinks she should be doing. She is true to herself, even if that means that no one else understands why she does the things she does.

5) She is not desperate to be liked

The independent woman accepts that she can’t please every one all of the time. Especially if she wants to put herself out there and express herself, she knows that there will always be someone who will disagree and she is not afraid of that disagreement or disapproval.

6) She is fussy about who she lets into her life

She likes herself enough to share her company with those that treat her respectfully. Those with hidden agendas or manipulative intentions to not last very long.

We all have an independent character inside us – learn to access this part of your personality that protects you and acts as your number one fan!


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