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Signs Of ADHD In An Adult and the Benefit Of Treatment

Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder is a neurodevelopmental disorder that plagues the cognitive development among the children affected. However, it is not always the case of birth or genetics. In fact, ADHD can also come with age and different environmental factors.

For example, excessive external stimulation through fast entertainment. , excessive usage of mobile devices can also cause a deficiency in the attention span. Unfortunately, in some cases, this can lead to ADHD symptoms in adults as well.

While these symptoms could be treated without any medication or therapy, we would always suggest getting professional help, especially if this lack of focus and attention is hampering your daily work (…which you are very passionate about).

In this excerpt below, we will be discussing some of the symptoms of ADHD and, most importantly, how to combat them through better treatment. However, we would strongly suggest you do not take this as a diagnosis.

If few of these symptoms match with what you are currently dealing with, do go to a professional and get an official ADHD Test in Hong kong.

What Is ADHD?

ADHD stands for Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder, and it is a neurodevelopmental disorder. Some of the characteristics of someone suffering from ADHD are innate inattentiveness, inability to focus on one task at a time, and hyperactivity. People suffering from ADHD are quite restless, but due to excessive internal stimulation, they also fall tired too soon.

However, it isn’t always that black and white, and sometimes adults suffer from high-functioning ADHD. Detecting ADHD in a child through their hyperactivity is fairly easier than trying to see it in an adult. This is why experts have tried to find some of the subtle signs of ADHD in parents in order to help them understand their shortcomings better.

Symptoms Of ADHD In Adults Which You Shouldn’t Miss Out

Here are some of the subtle ADHD symptoms that might indicate that you have this disorder and should immediately seek professional help.

1. Sudden Forgetfulness

No, someone with ADHD doesn’t suffer from a memory problem in general. However, the constant forgetfulness of mundane items could be the result of distraction. Has it ever happened that you just had something around you, and now you cannot remember where you kept it? That is one of the classic side effects of hyperactivity caused by this disorder.

2. Impulsivity

Now, impulsivity is more of a personality trait that many have. However, people with ADHD do not have control over their impulses, i.e., they do not know that they are being overly impulsive.


For example, suddenly interrupting someone imprudently, socially inappropriate behaviors, saying things not acceptable but having no control over it at the same time, being unable to listen to one party for too long, and getting impatient about even the most minute things. If any of these behavioral patterns match, it is not just a personality trait but a serious mental health issue that you should get checked out.

3. Lack Of Motivation

The restless behavior of any ADHD person is quite common. However, this constant restlessness and stimulation can sometimes lead to excessive consumption of energy. This can lead to stretches of low motivation where the body is low on dopamine and unable to provide the energy or motivation for anything.

People with ADHD have a hard time focusing anyway. Therefore, their body is using more than the normal dopamine to give that energy boost. Sometimes, the said individual can reach a level of exhaustion in their energy meter, and that is where the lack of enthusiasm stems from.

So, if you are having periods of low motivation frequently, it is better to not pass it off as a phase and get the right help.

Benefits Of ADHD Treatment

Here are some of the common benefits of ADHD medication and CBT Treatment.

  • Improved focus and concentration in work as well as academics.
  • Less consumption of energy for focusing throughout the day.
  • Improve your overall quality of life.
  • Better organization and time management of your work.
  • Less procrastination throughout the work process.
  • Treatments like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy entail constantly working on your mental health. Thus, it has a long-term benefit in preventing common ADHD symptoms.