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Should You Go to Rehab While The COVID-19 Pandemic is Ongoing

The COVID-19 virus has shut down many industries across the world. From small businesses to large establishments, everything is either closed or running in a skeletal capacity and with a shortened schedule. 


With these changes to our way of life, it is a question if you should still do the things you have scheduled prior to the crisis. If you were planning to go to rehab, you may be wondering if you should cancel your plans until the pandemic is over. But, there is a risk to cancelling your plans, especially if your condition can become serious without treatment. 


Is the rehab going to be open anyway? Will it be safe to go there despite the threat of the virus?


Are Rehab Centers Open Despite the Pandemic?


Rehab centers fall under essential services because it is under the healthcare sector. These centers are available for people who are struggling with addiction problems and other mental health problems. 


The specialists in these rehab centers are trained to assist patients at any given time, even when there is a pandemic going on in the community. 


Is it Safe to Go?


Rehab centers follow the same safety protocols as hospitals and other healthcare sectors, especially if there is a pandemic. Each rehab center is enforcing preventive measures to ensure that their staff, facilities and their patients are safe from the virus and keep it away from the facility. Some centers are even testing patients, staff and potential patients for the virus to ensure that no one has contracted it. 


They are also following strict social-distancing guidelines at all times and there are sanitizers available at all times for patients and staff to use. 


Should You Go to Rehab during this Time?


There is no right time to get treatments for addiction and mental health problems. However, getting it immediately can make a difference in preventing your condition from deteriorating. With the pandemic forcing everyone to self-isolate and practice social distancing, it can cause you to become stressed since life is put on pause. 


As the stress increases, you may slowly develop bad habits which can affect your decision-making and risk assessment capability. Fear can also creep in during this time, which can increase if you find yourself unable to stop with your addiction problem or control your mental state. Other medical complications may also happen if you prolong staying at home and prevent yourself from getting treated. 


You may also see this time as a great opportunity to improve your health. Once the pandemic is over, you may not have the time to get treated because of work or other social obligations. With the pandemic still ongoing, you can use the time you have idle to follow your therapy more closely and improve your recovery. 


Going to rehab at this point may also help you reduce your chances in getting exposed to the virus. Some treatments may require you to stay on the site until your condition improves. As a result, you won’t have the urge to go out and put yourself at risk of the virus. 


What Should You Do Before Going to Rehab?


If you have decided to go to rehab to get treated, you should make sure that the facility you plan to sign up for is following the right precautions to prevent COVID-19 from spreading. You should ask the facility if they are doing patient and staff screening for the coronavirus regularly and if they are doing preventive measures such as regular sanitizing and disinfection. 


You can also ask about the facility’s emergency procedure if a patient or staff contract the virus and if there will be a doctor on standby for other health concerns. 


How Can I Protect Myself During Rehab?


Once you are in rehab, you easily protect yourself from the virus by practicing proper hygiene and social distancing. You should also follow the rehab center’s safety measures to prevent the spread of the virus. A certain leading drug rehab in Bali can help you distance yourself from addictions and disease.


You should also make it a point to eat healthy and stay fit while in rehab. A strong immune system can definitely help to keep your body strong during these times. 


Would Alternative Methods Work if I Choose Not to Go to Rehab During This Time?


If you choose not to go to rehab at this time, there are alternatives for you to take so you can get help while waiting for the pandemic to slow down. Check your chosen rehab center and ask if they do virtual outpatient programs or therapies which you can schedule. You will simply have to call the center for your session and they will guide you through the process online. 


You can also sign up for virtual meetings for groups like alcoholics anonymous to help you get by for the meantime. 


As the number rises of people who contract the virus, it can be hard to decide whether you should take the option of going into rehab at this time or not. Either option has its ups and downs and it will definitely affect your health one way or the other. 


However, if you see that precautionary measures are being done in the rehab center you plan to sign up for is doing its best to protect patients, you should not delay your chance to feel and get better. It may even be a way for you to be protected from the virus since you won’t be exposed to other people until your treatment is over. 

Photo by Pâmela Lima on Unsplash

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