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Mandy Kloppers

Seven Things to Strive For



Are you happy in life? Do you feel that things are going they way you had hoped? If not, here are a few suggestions that we can all strive for that can increase happiness and self-fulfillment:


1) Good friendships and strong family connections

We don’t get to choose our family but nevertheless, family members are often the ones that come to your rescue when life gets tough or when there is a crisis. Cherish your family and make time for them – especially the ones that you relate to. Some people have no family at all, so be thankful for those that are in your life. Put the barriers down and forge closer connections. A good network of friends help us to get through dark patches in life. They can often be the saving grace. Appreciate your friends and never take them for granted or abuse the relationship in any way.

2) Healthy body

We live in an age of convenience foods where time is limited. Make sure that you can take time out to relax and rest. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruit and make sure you get at least eight hour’s sleep every night. When we neglect ourselves, it can encourage negative self-talk and a downward spiral can emerge. Be good to yourself.

3) Positive Mind

Be kind to yourself. Develop self-reliance and be your own best friend. If you don’t love yourself how can you expect anyone else to? The more you like yourself, the more others like you – the law of attraction is in operation in this process. Our inner worlds mirror our outer worlds. How we see the world is how the world will manifest for us in many ways. If we don’t believe we are good enough, we will inadvertently give out signals showing others that we don’t like ourselves enough. Engage in positive self-talk and dismiss negative talk.

It’s easier said than done but positive self-talk can be learned and will become a habit if practiced often enough. You can visit AbundanceAdvice.com to learn more tips on practicing positive self-talk.

4) Gratitude

Instead of always wishing you had something you haven’t got – be grateful for what you do have in your life. Constantly focusing on what is missing will definitely lead to misery and possibly depression. There are many things to be grateful for in life – force yourself to find them.

5) Sense of purpose

The world does not revolve around you. Everyone has goals, troubles and duties. Everyone is dealing with their own challenges. Give back a little instead of always making issues about you. Helping others less fortunate than you is a great way to add meaning and purpose to life. Volunteer, give to charity..help out in the community. It takes the focus off you.

6) Perspective

When we are in emotional turmoil, one of the first things to disappear is perspective. We become to caught up in the present moment that we can no longer see the bigger picture. Step back from the problem and ask yourself whether this will still be a problem one year from now. Will you still feel as upset in the future. Also, ask yourself if you can or can’t control the situation. If the trouble has to do with someone else, you can try to influence them but ultimately you will not be able to control them. If it is something you can control then create an action list…ask yourself if your worrying is resolution focused. Are you worrying without solving anything or are you engaging in healthy, productive thinking that leads to possible solutions?

7) Integrity

Many people act a certain way but inwardly don’t practice what they preach or mean what they say. Do you live a life that is congruent with your beliefs and values? For example – if you see yourself as a kind person, do you behave in a kind way? Peace of mind comes easier to those that say what they do and do what they say.


Mandy X