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Self -Esteem: Factors That Influence The Development of Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is simply how you view yourself and your capabilities. Just like many aspects of development, self-esteem is a product of some forces that are usually defined as nurture and nature. Self-esteem can be low, somewhere in the middle or high. At some point in life, we all get some doubts about ourselves; however, low self–esteem can leave you feeling unmotivated and doubtful.

Factors That Can Affect your Self-esteem  

Several elements in life can affect your confidence, and these factors can either build your confidence or negatively impact your self-esteem. These factors include;

Your childhood

Childhood is one of the primary factors contributing to your self-esteem. During childhood, our characters are emerging, and the people around us can have a very significant effect on our confidence. For instance, children who are brought up in a chaotic and insecure environment are more likely to have low self-esteem. However, everyone has the willpower to change their mentality to this perception.


We get many opinions about how we should live our lives, and this can be a significant contributing factor to self-esteem. People have anticipations on what you should do, what you should wear, and how much money you should make at a certain age. You will never be happy if you allow people to rule your life; it is your life; you are supposed to be living the way you want to. That is the first step to freedom.


Your health is another important factor that can contribute to your self-confidence. Taking care of you, mind, body, and spirit can toughen all features of your self-esteem. Additionally, several studies have shown a direct link between oral health and your overall well-being. Your teeth and gums often give a good reflection of your health. The visible signs of poor dental hygiene are cavities, gum diseases, bad breath, as well as missing or stained teeth. The condition in your mouth can positively or negatively affect your self-esteem. This is why you should keep your mouth in tip-top shape and maintain healthy gums and teeth. Additionally, make sure you schedule regular dental appointments with a Dentist in London. Dentists can help pinpoint some early signs of oral health problems like mouth cancer and type-2 diabetes.


Most people, especially women, are obsessed with the media. Social media, television, advertising, and other social networks can contribute to self-esteem problems. Have you ever asked yourself about what these media messages are passing on to us? Most of them send hidden messages that you are inadequate, and the only way to feel better is by buying whatever they are selling. People, especially women, all have diverse sizes, shapes, and are from different backgrounds. The best way to avoid comparing yourself to others is by reminding yourself that all those people in ads are models who sit on make-up seats for hours and have been photoshopped broadly.

Build your Self-esteem

Self-esteem can play a significant role in your motivation and achievement. There are several factors that can affect your self-esteem. However, you are the only one who can control your self-esteem. Start by giving yourself constructive messages, avoid self-sabotage, and try to focus on the good things. Avoid focusing only on the negative side of your life and find something that makes you happy.


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